Aug 29, 2007

3Ps threw away my submitted post

Been great with PPP until today. Here's the story:

Received a post rejection email from PPP Tuesday morning at 11am. The post was submitted on August 27th. Logged into my PPP, checked the post and was told that my blog PR is lower than the requirement.

My blog has just re-ranked Tuesday morning and dropped from PR 3 to N/A. When I wrote the post and submitted it, my blog still had a PR=3. Or else I wouldn't be able to select that particular blog to submit, rite?! PPP has set up that only the blogs with the criterias will be available to post the opp.

I quickly wrote a ticket in yesterday. Received a reply this morning, but irrelevant to my question.

This was the reply: "I checked your rankings manually this afternoon and they are current. "

I know my PR is current, I was asking about the post before the re-ranking before yesterday morning. So I submitted another ticket this morning at 1130am. Then in the afternoon, my rejected post that was supposed to be at the top of "my posts" dissappeared. I looked and it wasn't even back inside with my other approved posts. Conclusion, PPP deleted my post.

In the rejection email: "If this post is not corrected within 3 days, it will be deleted."

Aren't we given THREE DAYS to rectify the error? And the slow reply from the ticket is not helping with it.

I don't know how they will reply my ticket now. I don't think they will be able to find the submitted opp again. But I still have the rejection email from PPP. May be I can fight for it. I don't even remember how much that opp was for.


Lovely Mummy said...

nowadays everyone talking about that they having problem with 3ps. how much for the post? how come ur PR3 dropped to N/A? my fren also like that from PR2 to N/A, still the same after few months, but shown PR2 in 3ps.

G @ said...

sori to hear that. i agree with u tho, if 3P thinks ur blog didnt qualify for that post, it shouldn't hv enabled ur blog to take up that op in the first place. it's not ur mistake, it's their system :(

wHOisBaBy said...

lovely mummy: i don't remember how much that opp was for. when I started doing ppp i can easily remember how much each post, but now, too many to remember.

mommibee: even ppl at the boards/forum was saying the same thing, if is available means i can take it. darn, worse is that they remove the post to be edit within 1 day and not 3.