Jul 27, 2007

Souvenirs from USA

My In Law relatives are visiting us here in Los Angeles. They are from Macau. One of them is an owner of a retail business. When we were shopping, she was scanning thru the shelf of dressy high heels and curiously I’ve asked her if she wears those for work, and her answer was yes. I had brought up the question because I only seen her dressing up very casually in flip-flops and sneakers when we went out together. She told me she dressed up very formally for work everyday and now that she is on vacation, she wants to dress down a little bit.

She then asked me to suggest for some souvenirs for her to bring back with her for her employee. I thought for a moment and recommended Belisi on Stylehive. I told her I would help her to find some scarves or ties as gifts if she likes. We went home and check the Belisi website and she liked what she saw and told me to help her place an order for a few items to bring back with her for souvenirs.

*This is a sponsored post.