Jul 26, 2007

Movie Wednesday

Yesterday was AMC Free Movie at 10am. We got all ready to go out and it was 10am. Then I thought it might be the same as last week where all the tickets were gone. So I gave my landlord a ring to see if he was at home and he was, and told him we would be visiting.

Stopped by Torrance Bakery to get some cookies for them. When I was 5 mins away from his house, Brandon fell asleep in the car. Good I thought, I might get some personal time to talk to them. Brandon woke up when Kathleen, landlord's wife came home. They then had lunch out at the backyard. I didn't join them as I couldn't sit down to enjoy anyway, because of Brandon. He was walking around and kept touching all the plants or trying to turn anything that looks "round" like a wheel.

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G @ mommibee.com said...

anna sori abt the charity tag. i should hv given it more thought b4 passing it on to u. it's up to u whether to do it but yeah could just treat it as an interim post. Maybe dont pass it on and remove all the info abt Idham? I dunno? if i ever find out it is fake, i will remove the para abt idham and let the rest of the tag items remain :)