Jul 23, 2007

Missed another FREE MOVIE at AMC

Last Wednesday we left home earlier than the previous week. It was showing FREE movie Barnyard and I thought my boy would like it because he has learnt about the barn animals - pig, cow, horse, chicken ... and more. We left home at 950am and arrived at the parking structure at 10am. Walked slowly to the theather as I know we were still early as I didn't want to be in the theater not until the movie started. They show advertisements and stuff before the movie.

Got to the ticket counter at 10:05am. Lined up for the ticket. Two group of mother/aunt and children were in front of me. The first group bought the Harry Potter tickets. The next bought the tickets for Ratatouille. Then came my turn, I asked for ticket to Barnyard ... the person behind the counter was punching something into the computer ... 10 seconds later she told me, SOLD OUT!

Oh fine! I think they open less theater this week. I remember the first week, there was probably 3 theaters running Happy Feet and we got in to the last one. I guess this week, they run more of those PAYING movies and only 1 theater for FREE movie.

Nothing we could do, we left the theater and walked around the mall instead. Went home after 30 minutes walking around.

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