Jul 12, 2007

Missed the Free Movie at AMC

During the first showing of the free movie at AMC on June 27th, I left home at 10am and arrived at 1025am and was able to get in for the free movie - Happy Feet. The free movie starts time is 10am every Wednesday. Yesterday, we arrived at AMC Del Amo Mall at 1039am to watch Ice Age 2 for free. I didn't get out from home until 1010am.

This time, we didn't get to watch the free movie. The cashier told us they only issue tickets up to 30 minutes after the show started. I was 10 minutes late and was denied for the free movie passes. It didn't matter to me as I knew that we won't stay for the whole movie and I just wanted to get Brandon use to the theater environment. We left the theater and walked around the mall instead. Before we left the theater, I saw a line for the new Harry Potter sequel, mostly school kids. Harry Potter is not in the free movie but it was the opening day for Harry Potter.

So next Wednesday, I must prepare to leave before 10am and arrived at the ticket counter before 1030am to get my free passes to Barnyard.

EDIT: the movie we missed that Wed was ICE AGE 2.


Lovely Mummy said...

A tag for u...hehe

Estee Soo said...

Training Brendon early ya. Good!! Started out like tt too. But i dont get free tickets la. hahaha. He can sit still for hour an hour then we left. Then another time half an hour and so on. Now he loves going to movies and can sit in for a 2.5 hours show as well.

LiL'deviL said...

Watched all the movies you listed (except Harry Potter) on dvd. What was the movie you missed?

wHOisBaBy said...

lovely mummy: thanks. will get it done.

estee: ya want to start training brandon to go movie. so many movies i've missed out. need to get him into it so we can go back to the movies soon. since is free movie, we can leave whenever he is not too happy.

lil'devil: ice age 2. u get dvd from library mar. we should too but very difficult to get the latest dvd release especially at the library.

Angeleyes said...

So good got free movie... here the best is only cheaper tickets on a selected day... I thnk is Wed where b4 6pm it's priced at RM6 instead of RM8.

LA My Home said...

angeleyes: only for the summer, is kinda like a kids program, to have the kids spend some time outside the house. all are kids movies.