Jul 23, 2007

BP Whiting Refinery

Gasoline no doubt is one of our most important commodities. But water is also our important resources. Recently, you might have heard about the news on BP Whiting Refinery dumping its pollution waste into the Lake of Michigan and messing it up. According to the news, the State of Indiana has issued BP a new permit allowing the facility to dump more ammonia and some heavy metals tainted fine particles into the lake. These pollution wastes can kill the marine lives in the lake because the increasing in ammonia may promote the algae bloom that can kill fish.

On the other hand, we need gasoline to run our daily lives, from daily commute to heating homes. Of course the environmental issue is important, and in fact VERY important.

BP Whiting Refinery ensures the public that they only release treated water into Lake Michigan, 99.9% water and not sludge. Also their new permit that they received from the State does increase the level of ammonia to discharge, but it is still less than half of the amount allowed by federal environmental guidelines. BP Whiting has made sure that to make improvement to their operation and will be investing approximately $150 millions into new and modern technology to enhance the wastewater treatment capability.

Unless we produce cheaper hybrid or electric cars where more more people can afford, the need of gasoline will always be there. Even with hybrid cars, you still need gasoline but just need less of it.

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