Jun 9, 2007

Visa for kids

How I wish when I was growing up I was given the opportunity to carry a credit card. But none available then, at least not for children. But now is different. Parents can find prepaid cash cards at PAYjr which they can upload money for chores and allowances for the kids.

By letting young kids using a prepaid cash card, the parents can actually promote financial awareness for them. These kids will have a better control of their finance when they grow up. It is fun for the kids and at the same time, they will be learning how to budget and save. And yet the parents has total control, they can view transaction activities online.

Unlike a credit card, there is no credit line for prepaid cash card. It is almost like a debit card where the kids are able to spend up to the amount available in the account. There are so much more featuers and benefits for both the parents and kids, which you can learn about at PAYjr.

Recently, PAYjr is introducing their new PAYjr Visa Buxx, which will be launching this summer. PAYjr will be having a card design competition at PAYjrvisabuxx.com, sign up and get update about the competition rules and forms.

*This is a sponsored post.