Jun 9, 2007

Hectic afternoon

It was a long Friday for us. Daddy took the afternoon off because we had Brandon's 15 months appointment at the doctor's at 240pm. Went for the visit, it wasn't too good to begin with. Brandon seemed to sense something and the moment we stepped inside, he wanted to leave - kept pointing to the exit door. We were able to distract him with some vehicle toys at the waiting room. Unlike in KL Peds clinics, his doctor doesn't have kangaroo steps/slide here. Only a few toys in the waiting area.

When we were called in, the moment he saw the hak gwai nurse, he started to cry. We had to undress him and get him weighed, measured his height and he was crying all the time. What worse can it be when the nurse came back and said we had to measure him again because his height was wrongly done. For heights, we lay him down on the bed and the nurse puts lines above his head and bottom of his feet, then we remove him and she measures. During the first time, Brandon wiggled, so she might have gotten a bad measurement. So we had to go thru the screaming session again. Then we waited for the doctor.

Took quite for me to calm him down, walking around the doctor's office, with just his diaper, showing him all kinds of things, trying to cheer him up. But now he kept pointing to another exit door. After he calmed down, we went back into the room and waited patiently for the doctor. He was fine, playing with a truck toy while sitting on the bed.

Then the doctor came in. Brandon was still OK. We talked about stuff, he asked us about stuff. Told me to ignore him if he cries in the middle of the night. Let him cries for 5-10 mins before attending to him. Asked me not to give him any water in the middle of the night. Then he told me to pick up Brandon from the bed and put him on my lap. Well, you probably guess it, Brandon started crying again when the doctor trying to check his nose, ears, throat, stomach, and kkc.

We had a circumcision (American style) done for him when he was very young. During this visit the doctor found the skin in the area was adhered to the head, so the doctor had to push the skin back from the head. The area where the skin was adhere to was reddish after being expose. He told us to keep that area clean and push back often so the skin will not stick again. I had to hold on to Brandon so tight while the doctor did it. Screaming all the while. But managed to calm him a little after the doctor left.

That's not all yet. Next, the 2 shots. The hak gwai nurse came in again. The moment Brandon saw her at the door, he already screaming. I held him down by using my body on his chest and kept saying and singing to his ear, trying to distract him. I didn't know wheather Daddy was helping or just standing there. Anyway, the shots were fast. *phew*

Then we ready to leave the office, and Brandon immediately calmed down when he saw us walking TOWARDS the exit door. Drove to the Del Amo Mall which is just next door and walked around for about an hour. On the journey back home, he was napping in the car. That's our afternoon.


blur_mommy said...

Aww.. poor Brandon!! Lil' C used to be like that too. Then I got her a dr's kit & started playing with her till she's familiar with all the dr stuff. The next time we went to the dr, she imitated the dr. Dr hears her heartbeat, she hears the dr's heartbeat (if dr not sporting, then mommy's). So now she doesn't cry any more. Maybe u can try that with Brandon. See if it helps or not. : )

wHOisBaBy said...

blur mommy: yea, i think that is a good idea. i will go get a set to play with him. but i still thinks that even if i do that, he is going to be afraid of the doctor. dr. is a very nice child friendly doctor, but my son is not good with strangers.

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

My Ian also cries at the ped's office, especially hard when he is undressed for the weight & height measurements. After that, he calms down, but when the injections were given, he went screaming again. But only for less than 5 minutes, because he is always OK once we carry and soothe him. I think the Dr.'s playset is a good idea too...

G @ mommibee.com said...

poor brandon! must be difficult to control him from wriggling since he is not small in size :D i like blur mummy's idea of a doctor set, might buy one for Bee too.

wHOisBaBy said...

binky: my ped said that brandon will cry for another 1-2 years everytime we go visit him, before he will be fine with the dr's visit. same here lar, brandon doesn't like to be on the scale or laying down on the bed with force.

grace: wah you know, yes not easy to hold him down myself, that's why i use my body to pinch down his chest while holding his two hands with my arms.

LiL'deviL said...

It's worse now that he recognizes the clinic. Here our stupid GP also not so detailed one. When go for immunisation just give the shots only, no measuring also.

I also like blur_mommy's idea of the doctor's kit.