Jun 21, 2007

Never pay full price

I will try not to pay full price for the items I buy whenever I am shopping for things, either groceries or electronics or others. Well, just because I am a stayed at home mom and do not work full time, I am trying to save some money as I do not want to overspend my Hubby's income. Well, if I am working full time, then that may be another story.

I still remember before my boy was born, I always wait for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving to check out for good deals. Black Friday was the day when all the stores have major price reduced to promote people going to their stores and buy things, either for themselves or for coming up Christmas. A lot of times, many items are free after mail-in rebates, especially items like DVD Media, CD Media, and more. Stores open very early that day, as early as 6am at some places, and most stores have people lining up because there are many deals that limited to first few people only. A lot of times, stores even offer extra saving coupons which you need to print and bring in for your purchase like the Staples coupons or Bestbuy coupons.

So the day before Black Friday, we would look up all the deals on Black Friday ads. We planned ahead which stores to go to on that Friday and what time to wake up in the morning. Also pre-printed all the coupons we need for extra saving. Then the next day we would wake up early and head out without breakfast. Well, don’t be alarm if you see long lines at stores. Also be ready to wait in a long queue to pay for your items. Once we had waited for 1hr to pay our free after rebate CD Media at Bestbuy.

*This is a sponsored post.