Jun 21, 2007

The Music Class - Part 1

We had so much fun at the Music Class today. We arrived on time, exactly at 9am. Parking was easy, big parking lot and very few cars. We walked to classroom #1. Already there are 5 parents with their babies there. We signed up and filled up the registration form. Btw, I've faxed in the application form last week and paid with credit card to sign up, so now I was just finishing up the registration procedure.

Our teacher name is Kristine Mosley. She is very nice teacher. She passed out a flyer about the class to each of the parents. Asked us to write our babies name on a tag and use a safety pin to attached the tag to the back of the baby. Well, attaching at the back is a good idea as they won't be pulling it away, cause they can't see it. HA HA

The class has may be 20-25 parents with babies. There are a couple of Asian mommies and 1 Asian daddy. Met two of parents today. Michiko and her son Kent whom just turned 1. And Suzzane and her son/grandson Adam. We started off the class by sitting in a circle and the teacher turn on the music singing welcome song. She came to each baby and greeted each of them by their name (got name tag mar). We sang more songs in the circle while teaching the babies to participate by clapping their hands.

to be continue ... Part 2


Annie Q said...

it's must be a lot of fun!!

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

Good way to make friends, kids and parents alike.