Jun 29, 2007

My "dream" vacation

I woke up in a nice white room on a bed with white sheet and the TV was on. It was showing the local news. Left the bed, and saw my husband still sleeping soundly on the other side of the bed. Walked towards the patio and open up the sliding door to the warm Caribbean breeze. It was a nice view from my patio, I was looking over a white sand beach not too far away. I could hear a slight latin music not too far away from where I was standing, probably a group of locals were playing for the tourist. I turned back into my room and I something is missing … and then I realized I had left my boy at home. My gosh … I LEFT MY BOY AT HOME?!!! Then I woke up and I was still in my boring bedroom and my boy was still sleeping next to me. Oh … it was just a dream. I lied down and went back to sleep.

How I wish all these were real ... my REAL Caribbean vacation. Well, is good enough that it came as a dream. I definitely enjoyed my short dream vacation.

*This is a sponsored post.