Jun 25, 2007

The Music Class - Part 2

Continue from Part 1.

Then we were given a short break around 950am. The volunteers helped to take out some chairs and floor mats. There was a cart with free 100% juices and water for the kids. I saw some parents brought snacks for their babies but not me. I just brought water. I took a packet of juice with the juice holder and place the juice box inside the holder and let Brandon drink from it. He sipped a few times and he wants to run around in the class room.

Then I took him out to a playhouse outside the classroom and he loved playing peek-a-boo with me from the playhouse's window. I took him inside after a while but he kept wanting to go back playing at the playhouse. Met another Asian mom with his 18 months old son. Didn't get to ask her name.

Anyway, the class continue where by the teacher gave us a big piece of parachute. Each parents to hold the side of the big round fabric and moved it up and down while singing some songs and some soft toys tossing about the parachute. Brandon loved the parachute and wanted to go underneath it.

The class ended at 1025am. We sang goodbye song at the end of the class. On the way home, Brandon fell asleep in the car. He must be tired. Did I mention that the trip from the school to my house only takes less than 10 mins? He he ... ya, he fell asleep that fast. I wish there are classes for us to attend everyday at the school.


G @ mommibee.com said...

so many activities for him :)
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Sweetpea said...

izzit something like a gymbaroo class? great for kids, not so great for our pockets :)

blur_mommy said...

wah.. they even provide drinks?? So good huh? Sounds like Brandon had lots of fun! : )

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: got ur tag ... need sometime to finish it becus must think. hehee

sweetpea: gymboree class expensive. this only $6 one class. gymboree is like $18-20.

blur mommy: ya. drinks leftover from last semester still got, if all stocks gone, then we have to sponsor more drinks for the class.

LiL'deviL said...

We also did the parachute thing at our playgroup when kindergym was invited.