Jun 23, 2007

Bigger Breast

I was chatting with my cousin online in msn and suddenly we talked about breast. Yes, it is a major issue with women these days. Topics we discussed included ‘How I wish I have nice breasts like so and so celebrities’. Then we talk about how she needed a bigger size so to improve her figure. I told her that I would go for one if I financially can afford it. Then I jokingly invited for her to come to California for breast augmentation. I said there are many offices locally that will do the procedure but prices wise, we need to check out.

Upon hearing about my suggestion, she told me she heard about the breast enlargement at Beverly Hills plastic surgery offices. I was surprised, I guessed she has done her research, may be googled on 'beverly hills breast enlargement'. I told her if she would like to she can stay at my home during her trip here. I live not too far away and I can even drive her there to take a look at the office before her final decision. Then our topic changed to how she must try to save up for her trip and may be for the procedure here (she’s a big spender and needs huge encouragement for saving up).

*This is a sponsored post.