Jun 24, 2007

DisneyShopping Online

Remember my post about website down at DisneyShopping Online? Well, it was back up not too long later. I continued picking out the best sales items and added to my cart. There were some clothings, cushion pillows for living room, a photo album, a throw ... and more. However, after I put everything I picked in to my cart and added one last item to it, ... guess what ... the moment I added the last item to my cart and was brought to the My Cart page ... all the prices on my items previously added had increased!

Some items went up doubled the price. A set of PJ that I had added went from $5.99 (super cheap!) to $14.99. The 4 different color shorts which I had in my cart went to $9.99 from $5.99.

I WAS SHOCKED to see my total amount in the cart had almost doubled. I had about 18 items in the cart and was really frustrated, mad, almost gone crazy and wanting to call the customer service to complain. But knowing how busy the call center is during major sales like this and there's possibility that I might be on the phone for 1 hr before talking to someone, I decided NOT to call and let it go this time. Well ... I looked on the bright side - less rubbish in my home and also saving Yeloh-Powah's pocket.

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