Jun 7, 2007


Before Brandon, I washed our bedsheet once a month or sometimes three weeks once. Well, we only use it at night and we only hop to the bed after we took our showers. So it is clean.

Recently, you can see our bedsheets changing weekly and sometimes daily and worst two times in a day. Thanks to our little Brandon. He either throw up on my bed or pee leaked our from his diaper during the night. Now I only keep interchanging between 3 sets of bedsheets only. I have others but I don't want to ruin it by frequent washing. So if these 3 sets are destroyed after so many times of washing, then we'll just throw them away.

Like this morning, he threw up on my bed after his morning milk. And we've just changed into a new one last night after 1 week of accident-free. I think I might have played too hard with him after his milk. He was laughing and then suddenly he sat down quietly and his face changed. I quickly took a hanky and was able to collect most of the stuff with it. But then on the second time ... kena my bedsheet because the hanky already so full. My boy is afraid if I take a dustbin or a container in front of him for his stuff, he will start crying. That's why I ended up using his wash cloths.

Daddy will come home this evening and see the new bedsheet and he will definitely laugh about it. Just because we changed it last night. And this was not the first time.


Vien said...

Aiyo! Really serious la..

G @ mommibee.com said...

wah lots of work! my my, i am ashamed to say we wash our sheets only once every few months!!

crazymommy said...

Wow... If i were u, I will just wipe it off immediately and leave the bedsheet alone. Smell? What smell?? A few days later it will be gone la! Hahaaa... :P

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: really one. actually i have another post about this ... i will do it later.

grace: i am a cleaniness freak, that's why i wash it so often. hehe

crazymommy: i tried to wipe it, but the soury smell of the vomit still there, i have a sensitive nose. so i had to change it, or else at night sleep I also cannot sleep well.