May 10, 2007

Hot Topic of the Week - "Copycat"

Last 3.5 days, the blogsphere been very hot. I think it went up to 101'C. Why leh? Cause someone in the blogsphere decide to be a copy machine and go photostat post from other ppl, change some text here n there and post it as their own!!! Not only copying tag, but also PPP post.

OMG!!! This is really crazy. Everyone work so hard, killing their braincell everyday to think of what to write and earn the money (hard earn sweat and blood) and this fella, so easy beasy copy the post and make money. If only she’s in front of me, I think I would have slapped her up and down.

So I have to admit that I was kpc, wanted to find out what’s the REAL story from the pitiful woman. I went to MSN her lah. First of all, let me clarify to you that I’m not very close to her. But just that someday when I login to my MSN Live Messenger, she added me in from yahoo. So I just add lah. And she asked me about scrapbooking stuff, so I pointed her to some links. On and off we do chat, nothing else.

So back to the 'cerita', I had a nice chat with her yesterday. She didn’t even want to admit that she was at fault at first when I probe her. She kept saying, yah, Mother’s day post everyone oso tok bout flowers, roses, bla bla…hmm..

OK you want hot juicy story, read the conversation. And I tell you later why I so fuming angry already.

ME:Hey…how are u
SSS: hi…fine and u???
ME: ok ler …how’s ur ppp doing, i see ur blog alot of post
SSS: ok lor…..sean blog yeah.. post.. alot.. coz only sean blog approve for pos. another blog.. no la..
SSS: even though not much.. i try best.. to earn la…USD 5
ME:eh lately got some blogger cheating blog, u know ah
SSS: but… sometime no time to write….huh?? how to cheat/??
SSS: i dont know know.. care to share..??
ME: like copy from one blogger post, then alter a bit here n there, then submit as her own post
ME: today i baru terbaca 2 cases *trying to probe*
SSS: oic… where u see it??
ME: very teruk hoh this ppl, I cant imagine that person can actually do this
SSS: i know is some ppp ppl they use faster grab the post then simply post up.. and then only write lor
ME: oo icic, this one no ler, copy exactly from other ppl’s post, even ppp oso copy
SSS: exactly.. no so nice lor… see ok lor.. i know mine quite similar with others oso
ME: oh isit
SSS: ya like mothers day, the gift usually flowers and roses
SSS: i wrote my previous post… is mothers day flowers… then another ppp is mothers day roses SSS: too common already… flowers and roses… *she admit that even without me saying which post*
SSS: i got another blog.. have some post can write.. and some post is like sean blog already have.. so have to do unique post of it, USD3 only get, even the hotel reservations.. last time did before.. then do again the post this times must diff..
SSS: hows ur ppp???
ME:icic…me hmm lately no do ppp, i oredi got usdxx, so slowing down
SSS: wow… good for u…me still crawling la…sometimes i need to stay up.. 2am to do post
ME: why so tteruk
SSS: all sleep then can write quietly, if not.. sil bring bb to me always.. then hubby keep callng.. me… cant concerntrade
ME: oo ok
SSS: tht why.. not easy, beside ppp u get other network to write?? i try bloggerwave.. but no payment yet. so where 2 cases of copy u saw?? *See she wants to know oso haha*
ME: no lah, i never do others…ppp enough lor
SSS: me do others… oso.. lor… no work… ppp not enough as always.. kena habis grab
SSS: got loudlaunch, payu2blog, etc.. those.. from march sign up.. till now.. no news
SSS: oh.. yeah u say.. same.. post.. u saw. i think is like bloggerwave.. coz there nothing much info.. so i saw other blogger also almost same post…haha… even mine.. i see.. almost same.. as the info all in the web given by bloggerwave web site.. *she’s trying to twist the story and thinks I’m stupid*
ME: hmm no leh that blogger say this blogger copy her own post not the ppp or paid post
SSS: hmm…
SSS: don know la.. maybe is my one.. haha.. i also see other blogger how they write.. *oh she admits suddenly!!!*
ME: that case teruk lah…wah isit, where can do that
ME: it’s not right u know if u do that, liddat better dont write
SSS: see only… not copy.. la.. copy is mostly the tag la.. ppl tag.. then hav to copy la..
ME: tag is not for copying, if copy then it’s not call tag oredi
SSS: yeah la.. tag.. copy then inside hav to change.. to own self.. write.. like the food tag, my is roti telur.. if u see blog ….then below part say start copy.. then hav to ad own blog in lor *she tries to sneak around the tag but somehow kenot escape*
ME: no lah that one is ok, like the suicide this is my last post tag
SSS: wah.. now i see tht.. food blog.. say need tag 5 ppl.. but only tag 4
ME: that one is not copy what
SSS: haha.. yalor..
ME: but got ppl copy who, copy from someone and modify, so unethetical
SSS: i even told my frined.. she said.. everyone wil say the same, i wrote tht tag.. then pass some more.. haha… teruk betul.. lucky other didn passed out.. dont know who start the tag…i pass to 8 ppll… coz want die already wht.. still want to fatt *whoa…who is this serong friend, I wanna flame that fella oso for telling her can copy*
SSS: gtg bath bb
ME: eh, 8 ppl, eh i think that’s the one tat shoppingmum say copy, why u copy her tag
SSS: huh… i have same thing in mind wor…she tag me… so i also… think and see all same.. la.. *wahh..since when shoppingmum got twin sis *
ME: it cant be exactly the same what
SSS: died wor.. surely.. dont want the kid with another person.. with my parent lor
ME: u are not her twins
SSS: exactly same.. ?? where got exactly.. diff la
ME: i’m sure u have something diff in ur mind
SSS: difff la..
SSS: u got read or not
ME: shoppingmum wrote on her blog that u copy her woh
SSS: ya meh..
ME: and u can say it’s diff
SSS: i go see where she wrote???
ME: her blogspot
SSS: really wor.. u see my blog.. diff.. she say i wrote same with her?? is diff la.. u read.. urself and see
ME: u go her blogspot and read
SSS: ok.. go now
SSS:, is not same.. if u see.. coz i wrote about it.. and u see hers, but.. its not entirely the same.. i dont undestsand why she say like tht
ME: ah, i dunno, not entirely or entirely oso…copying is not right
SSS: i am angry now and like want cry oso…i did copy i swear, even judy one.. tht i didnt copy also.. i want try to put up wht she wrote her boy and i wrote my boy thts all, like tht oso can, she can tell me direct if she don like wht i wrote *she start to pretend and want pitiful vote liao*
ME: judy oso u copy ah
SSS: no la.. i mean the baby blog of her la.. about bb drink how much and bb la
ME: and shannon oso u copy??? bulat bulat
SSS: she wrote her baby.. so i just change to mine *you mean ur bb development exactly same as hers…so similar mehhh, my boy oso like same age oso never same development one??*
ME: if u wanna blog.u can get ideas, but doesn’t mean u gotta copy, u change to urs, name change, content same that is copying…how will u feel if i go to ur site, see ur post ahh i wanna write bout this topic…then i go copy and change to my kids name…u piss or not
SSS: i am angry as well *wahh..looks like she can get piss, but she don’t care she piss ppl off*
ME: then why u go and copy other ppl if u are also against it
SSS: cant say anything about it *oh, now she got no comments…*
ME: this is very unethical Nicole, i don’t know u
SSS: ok. now i know
SSS: most of them tht talk bad bout me .. i know them…..its mbb site *she blaming other ppl don’t like her pulak!!*
ME: but if u really doin it, then u should stop…why u wanna do that in the first place….u think very fun isit copying
SSS: no la
ME: then why u copy
SSS: bb want bath chat later *she wants to escape*
ME: to get attention, to get traffic to ur site
SSS: is not
ME: don’t give excuses lah… wanna bath
SSS: bb is here….sorry if u dont understand me.. u dont know me ok
ME: ok…i know u are sahm…..i don’t know u lah…but as a net friend i don’t think it is right for u to copy and i’m telling u that….if u don’t take advise……then u know what gonna happen….u are doomed
SSS: i know thank you
ME: so if u want to be doomed.then i’m fine with that…i just don’t hope to see u copying my post someday then u will for sure regret what u did
SSS: ok i just ask my sil to help bath bb….i cant say any more.. i know.. everyone hate me..
ME: ppl hate u cause of the tings u do, not because of who u are, if u can clarify…i’m sure it will be
SSS: i know now…previous i dont know
ME: you go apologise lah and tell why u copy then ok lor, if not will make other ppl oso angry still why u copy hah in the first place
SSS: i really didnt know tht tag has to be unique
ME: not oni that tag lor….how bout PPP…..u oso copy i heard from some mommy telling me
ME: shannon say oso u copy hers
SSS: she said so.. ok which one…
ME: err i dunno…i havent read blog for day and someone told me not shannon
SSS: i am looking at her blog.. to see which oone
ME: she got 2 blogs, u better do public apology liao lor, nama sudah busuk if u dont do
SSS: okk..
SSS: shoppingmum i chat with her.. and she nvr tell me about it…she can straight away tell me
ME: u go ask her lor. why she never tell u straight
ME:5xmom oso wrote bout copying on her site….is that u
SSS: where??
ME: in 5xmom site lah
SSS: k now reading…..i didnt copy……now writing in my blog
ME: ok
SSS: thinking how to say……jazz i want thank u for telling me, if not i no idea oso *wah suddenly I become a saint LOL*
ME: ok, i hope u don’t copy in the future lah, it’s not nice and alot ppl don’t like u doing that
SSS: ok i know
ME: ppl all work so hard to squeeze their brain juice to think how to write, u copy bulat bulat, mana boleh wei
SSS: ok i will write and apology

Want to know why I highlight the last line RED and bold them cause I see red liao. She copy the exact words in my MSN text with her and then put in her so call apology post. Wah lau ehh…not only want to copy post, MSN text also you want to copy!!! She did it again!

That was the 1st fume!! Then this morning, someone came and told me that this SSS lady I chatted with yesterday, said that she doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know who I am and why I had talked to her and oso why I had accused her liddat.

Wah…I want to pengsan and heart attack. Yesterday I was talking to her, and she posted a sympathy story post just to get sympathy and say ppl accuse her (she already change her wordings) and now she says she doesn’t know me. And she’s writing the post because someone ask her to write. I really want to kick this woman into the BIG OCEAN if I ever bump into her.

So woman, if you see me on the road somewhere, you better go running back to where you were coming from before I cekik you.


The above conversation wasn't mine, but they belong to Ms. Jazzmint. I where got time to probe her like that lar. So busy between blog hopping and writing posts. But I really feel pity for all those victims that kena from this gal (not sure if myself was one of them). How can she do this thing lar. Come on lar, is it just so easy to write a post. There are just so many many things you can write/talk about. I want to write so many things but I NO TIME. So gal, pleease lar ... no need to go copy EXACT WORD FOR WORD. Those are people's personal feeling/thought.

Consider this a tag but I won't tag anyone. If you feel up to it and want to support our group. Just copy and paste this to your blog. Add a little bit here and there, change a little here and there. Then upload loh!


What’s the revenge on her? Come, lets all copy this post take it as a tag and pass it around.

All you have to do, is follow what the WOMAN does. Copy the whole post, paste to your blog and put it as a post itself!! You can add salt + pepper to this, and put it in diff colour from the original.

Hear my story, read my MSN text and watch out for this lady (pretends to be innocent, but is she?)….only you can judge……


dragonmummy said...

really has become a tag ah? I thought joking only...

Timothy's Mummy said...

Wah!!! Such a heated topic huh!!! Who is this SSS1979??

Anyway, don't know how this PPP works in detail but from wat I can simply understand, moral and etiquette tt she is lack off. N also originality. ;)

Vien said...

LOL! You did it too! *hi 5*

Sasha said...

HAHAHHHAHAA u guys ah!

G said...

only knew abt it from angeleyes' comment box. the things ppl do for money :(

Angeleyes said...

Woah Anna! You are soooo fast too!

LA My Home said...

dragonmummy: i reall feel unfair for those that kena, so i put it up here to let others that may come through my blog to know about this.

timothy's mummy: i don't really know her personally, but i've been to her blog a few times.

vien: *hi 5* returned!

sasha: have to lar. support our group mar. this is a pretty long tag. i was fixing it half way and i thought i never going to finish it. HA HA but i did.

grace: my sister told me after reading the gal's blog, her english wasn't that good. may be that's why she is copying others' thoughts and ideas.

angeleyes: heated topic must be fast, or else cold already no one want to eat. he he he

jazzmint said...

i wonder she realise or not, now that this tag is all over the place

Sweetpea said...

phhooeee. very intense. hmm.. i donno. i only made a comment in her blog yesterday if she is really sorry, am sure us mums will be forgiving. but after reading this like buat taktau......