Jun 1, 2007

Have you read Kennysia.com?

I've started visiting his site just about a month ago, through my brother's blog. My brother has listed Kenny Sia under his Fun Reading links. That night, I was kinda bored and I thought I would drop by the links to check out. I've heard about Kenny Sia a few times, but I didn't remember where I saw his name before. So his name was the most familiar to me, and I clicked on that. That was the beginning fun journey for me.

I really enjoy readings his articles, with pictures most of the times. His trip to Egypt, his first KK mountain hiking experience, and now the latests his coming up journey to Jakarta. His posts always put a smile to my face everytime (almost) I finish reading. Also between his posts, he has short talks which I find interesting too.

So when you have a little time and need some cheering up to your stressed mind, drop by his journal, I am sure you will enjoy them.

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eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Haha, yeah, i've always love kennysia.com! Its really nice, funny, and feel really "at home", as in not foreign at all lar, and you can relate to things he does!

ps: He did this post on Penang food before (comparing Kuching food to Penang food! Penang rocks XD!~)! Next time you come back, hopefully we're free, and lets attack all those places ne (^-~)!