May 24, 2007

Need new window treatments


The house we are living now is an old house, approximately 52 years. When we bought the house, it came with all window treaments. They are the regular vertical and horizontal blinds which are old, ugly, and colorless. Somehow, we didn't bother to change it as we were really tight financially after purchasing the house.

It has been 7 years we've been living in this house and I thought may be we can do something to uplift and change the interior appearance a little bit. Just to get it more exciting and give it a little color.

I went to a friend's new house last month and saw that he has installed the new and very beautiful roller blinds. I was envy how nice his home looks with this window treatment. Discussed with husband, may be is time for us to change the blinds ... or may be change the house as well. Hmm ... changing the blinds are much cheaper than changing the house. So we will just stick to getting some new roller blinds instead.

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