May 23, 2007

Cousin's Wedding

My cousin's wedding is coming up in about 2 weeks. He is my maternal side eldest son, having the same last name as my mother. So this is going to be a big deal for us.

Earlier this year, I was debating if I will be able to manage myself with Brandon to take the long flight to go back to KL to attend his wedding. At first, I thought I might be able to close a real estate transaction then I may be able to use the proceed to get a business class ticket. However, that particular deal didn't even take place at all. I am still working with this client and I know he is ready to buy when he is ready. Well, there goes my flight ticket.

I actually have no problem paying for the ticket (economy one lar, not business), it is just the LONG exhausting ordeal I have to go through with my boy on the 18-20 hours flight. I actually thought about everything. Tried to plan out if that is workable.
  1. Brandon is now on potty training and he does his big ones in the potty almost all of the time. It is difficult to carry a potty with me on the flight for this purpose.
  2. Brandon didn't like confinement like the small lavatory in the plane. I don't think I can get him potty there either. Changing his diaper may be challenging in the small diaper area provided in the lavatory.
  3. He likes to roll around before going to sleep. That's not going to happen on the plane.
  4. He span of attention on 1 item/toy is very short. Does that mean I need to bring a lot of toys onto the plane with me?
  5. So many toys, how many carryon can I carry? Furthermore, I have to carry him, bags and stroller.
  6. If Brandon sleep on me, then what if I need to go to washroom? Even when he is awake, he is very bad with stranger and I don't think I can have the air stewardess to help me look after him when I go.
  7. What if he cries like last time? I don't think I can endure that 'again' just by myself without Hubby being with me. I will go crazy!
If I do go back, I opt to stay more than 1 month. Don't want to be like last time - only stayed for 2 weeks. But then, Hubby will probably miss his son. MIL they all also will be too. No, I didn't discuss this with them (IL). I was just planning out with Hubby. But mostly I will not be going back.

Really really really reaaaaalleeee want to attend the wedding dinner. The dinner will be venued at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It is going to be something lavish and different from all the weddings I've attended (actually not that many). Also, I like to join the wedding fun as I already missed out my other cousin's wedding and not forgetting I missed my own sister's wedding as well. When my sister had her wedding dinner in KL, I was pregnant, couldn't go on plane. Somemore very long flight, not like next door country.

So ... sincerely from here, half way across the world, across the Pacific Ocean ... wishing my cousin, Chris and his beautiful wife-to-be, Ee-leeng ...

"May you find yourselves on this wedding day a partner who shares your forever love, your passion. May you find someone whom you can approach as a spouse, a soul-mate and most importantly, as your best friend.

Congratulations & Happy Wedding Day."

PS: Sorry Chris, your bachelor days are soon to be overED! Better enjoy your single life during this 2 weeks before wedding ya! Not to scare you, life may be tougher after having a wife around. kekekee ... Sorry Ee-leeng, have to give him some insights.


huisia said...

can enjoy but don't go "sa-sa-guan"...LOL!

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

We really look forward to you coming back actually (and if bro will send me over to come back with you =P!) =(... so sad...

Nevermind nevermind, we still have Hon Shen, me, Ah Theng, Joo Yee (if he comes back) =D! Teehee! Save place for you yo =D!

I'll try to take more pics, videos, and if possible, WEBCAM a bit for you see lar ne =P! Hehehe! Can join in the fun too XD!

Estee Soo said...

I can't just imagine being in a long flight w a baby. Sure...very sam-fu one. :)

LiL'deviL said...

It's okay to miss my wedding since it was not anything BIG at all. In fact, all of my friends missed it except 4 of them. I also wanna go back ler. Why not you come visit me then we go back together??? hahaha...but no money lerr...

Anonymous said...

why not go there yourself and leave Brandon in LA with your husband? this way you can enjoy the wedding, go for only a few days, and give your husband a few days to learn to take care of Brandon.

shooi said...

Difficult choice to make. Flying with bb is ok..but flying ALONE with bb for abt 20 hours...errr...i don't think i can do it.

G @ said...

8 hr flight i already complained liao. 20 hrs ... hv to think 100 times *LOL* esp when flying with a toddler and urself only.

wHOisBaBy said...

huisia: ya ya ... have to get him prepare for the change in his lifestyle.

eiko: if ur bro sends u here, then we can go back together. at least you can help me along the flight. you still owe me the pictures during the register ceremony lar. when u going to send me?

estee: i know ... very very samfu!

lil'devil: go to aussie then go back to kl, wah, mah even longer flight than straight to kl? cannot lar like that. if go to adl, then stay there ... cannot travel to another country already.

anon: if only go back for a few days, mind as well not go at all. flying already takes 2 days. no fun to go back for such a big celebration and stay only a few days. butt sit the chair not warm already have to leave. no no. also ... husband cannot take care of the baby one lar. he'll probably call me all the time asking me this and that. so i can't really enjoy my stay at all. also ... ppl back in kl all want to see my boy since i am going back already, they will ask why didn't bring him with me.

shooi: ya is the 20+ hours flight, somemore have to transit in taipei for 4 hrs.

grace: 8 hours i can tahan. only need to go bathroom 1 time for me, so can bring baby with me. also need only to change baby 1 or 2 times the most. the only things that worry me the most is the big business as the lavatory is really small and is side way instead of facing me so it is difficult to clean him if a big business happene during the flight. for sure it will for such a long flight. 8 hrs i think i can manage. no problem.