May 20, 2007

Very boring lately

Guess you readers are finding my blog very boring lately. Sorry about that. On top of the boringness of my blog, you will soon find some pay postings in here as well. It has been so addictive doing all the pay per post. I am so money minded that I am including this blog for the PPP, but I've yet to know how many postings I will be able to grab.

I always have so much that I thought about and wanted to write but sometimes, I am busy and since I am very forgetful, I don't remember what I wanted to write when I am sitting in front of the computer again. *sigh*

Also, sometimes I find ideas about what to post, then I posted in my other blog instead of here. So do visit my other blogs, they do have some interesting posts at times. I need to do more postings over there as each PPP posting needs a non-PPP posting in between.


G @ said...

i kno exactly what u mean :D

huisia said...

i understand..don't worry..we are in the same shoes..haha:)

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Nyah, i understand what you say about "so much i thought about and wanted to write"... but in the end... all down the drain... in my case lar (= =")...
I've gotten so addicted to blogging, that now the "monologue" inside my head works out how i'm going to type my next Blog entry XD! Hehee!

Btw, after my exams i'll use my lappie to online, and will add bro's wedding registration (21st May 2007) pics in the shared folders ne =D!

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

what I usually do it jot down whatever I want to write in notes in the blog first, and then save it as draft. Once I am ready to post that posting, I'll just do touch-up and amend the time and date accordingly.

Angeleyes said...

yeah yeah... me too! I'm almost out of watever topics I can think of!

LA My Home said...

grace: i have to think topics for the other blog but when comes to this one, i lost all my topics.

huisia: yup, we are in the same boat. hehehe.

eiko: you still got so much to write lar, i visit ur blog, everytime also got new posts one.

binky: thanks for the idea, but i jot down only for the money earning blog. this one ... sometimes things just happen, in the car, in the bedroom when is harder to write down physically. only have to remember in my head.

angeleyes: i bet you can come up with topics. but i know u have 3 blogs to juggle, so it might be hard too.