May 30, 2007

Boston's transit system

Why am I talking about Boston's transit system when I am living in LA? Because we would love to visit Boston one of these days. And I am very sure Boston's transit system is much much better and more efficient than LA's.

If we have the chance to visit the north eastern of America, we will definitely want to stop by Boston because it is one of the oldest town in America. Will also drop by Fenway Park where the Boston Red Sox plays (husband is a major baseball fan).

A friend of mine who was from New Jersey had told me the best way to tour Boston would be using it's mass transit system. I love using public transportation as I don't have to worry about getting lost in a new city. And also I like to plan ahead for my trip, familiar myself with a map of Boston MA. As an alternative to old fashion way to find directions to places, my friend recommended me to visit From there, I can basically plan my schedule and trip around Boston easily, like getting directions, places to visit, and even flights and hotel information, all at one place.

Now, I will just need to persuade my husband to submit for his vacation days. Then we can start the planning.

*This is a sponsored post.