May 1, 2007

Arbonne is going to Australia!

WOW, I was waiting for Arbonne announcement to see which other country will join the company. The annoucement just came out during the Las Vegas NTC on the 24th April. Arbonne will be expanding to Australia this coming summer.

Last week, before the announcement, I had a feeling that it may be Australia. Was given a hint by my upline that it will be an 'English' speaking country. English speaking country outside North America - can either be UK or Australia only rite? I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if it is Australia. My father is living in Brisbane and sister is in Adelaide. This is such a great business opportunity for them. Not forgetting my blogging mommy friend - G&G.

I already sent an email to my father giving him a head start about this opportunity. Hopefully he will read / skim through the website and see what I saw in the business plan. This is so great!!! Gotta call my sister tomorrow to inform her.


G said...

That's cool :D Errr .. I think New Zealand is also English speaking wor :P Thanks for thinking abt me but I'm not good and lack interest in direct sale/marketing ... not a people person :D There is greater chance of me being a buyer than a seller, hehe. Hope ur sis & dad can hop on the opportunity :D

LiL'deviL said...

How you want me to do this har?

LA My Home said...

grace: is ok if you are not interested in the business part, you can still try the product to see if it's suitable for your skin. then later you can decide.

lil'devil: will talk to u over the phone lar.