May 1, 2007

My Skin Care Business Blog

I will have to temporarily closed the Skin Care Business Blog due to Arbonne's strict Internet Compliances.

Not allowed: "Selling or advertising on personal pages such as MySpace, blog sites, etc.;"


G said...

so strict :(

Angeleyes said...

aiyoh... so sad hv to close ur site... but good news for Aussies! Maybe the freight charges from OZ to M'sia will be cheaper????

Simple American said...

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wah you are in LA I see. Good luck with your business. Lot of hard work to be successful I wish you the best. :)

Angeleyes said...

Just got the email from my PB, he won't get to drop by LA this time as he will fly UA instead of SIA so will go through HK-Chicago-Washington-Brazil... what a bummer! :(

The company is having cost cutting measure so have to use cheaper flights... *sigh*

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: yea, they tried to only have networking marketing because they believe each independent consultant should talk-to/meet their clients face to face.

angeleyes: my sister is pretty interested, so i guess i will have her find out the shipping from OZ. sorry to hear PB is not stopping in LAX this time. guess another time then.

SA: thanks for stopping by. yup, me living in LA!