Apr 28, 2007

It really helps!

As most of you my readers already know, I've just started with my skin care business. Well, of course, I am going to use the product myself to prove it works. Anyhow, I really enjoy using the line.

What surprised me was my husband told me, when I've just started, to get him a set of the men's line to try. WAH ... I thought this guy also want to be pretty too (starting to get scare already ... may be he wants to be pretty to find another lady). Well, of course I got him one set of the Anti-Aging NutriMenC RE9 (aiya, i also want him to be pretty so don't care what he is thinking already. btw, he got wrinkles, may be after using and we see results, he can be my walking testimonial). This Men's set comes with a exfloliating wash, toner, shaving gel and an spf8 day cream. Also included FREE is the Arbonne Intelligence Thermal Fusion Hair & Scalp Revitalizer. He told me he will use all these items religiously. I was again surprised to hear that. And true enough, like he promised, he is using the set daily.

First thing I noticed was his hair wasn't on the bathroom floor anymore. Used to, when I go inside the bathroom, his short hair (mine is long) is everywhere. Had to vacuum everyday but no time to do it. Very geram (frustrating) to see all the hair there, before. Now ... I also see hairs ... but mostly mines! Aiya ... guess I also better start using the Hair and Scalp Revitalizer as well.


Vien said...

Wah..your hubby is your walking live model..hahaha.

G said...

Good boy lah ur hubs, truly a modern guy! I had meant to read up on ur products on the official website but hasn't got around to doing it. The prods do sound fascinating.

1+2mom said...

You so good got hubby to try your product.Hope you got more business :)

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: yup! walking model.

grace: see the above post, arbonne is going australia!!!! great opportunity!!!

1+2mom: how are you? thanks. do you want to try? i can mail samples to you too. luckily my hubby willingly trying it. such a great sport!

Sweetpea said...

hi.. i am really interested in the product for my hubby as well as for myself. can you give me more info please. btw, i am in aust. can i get it here?

wHOisBaBy said...

sweetpea: got ur email.