Apr 19, 2007

Ugly Right Hand

A lot of time, even being at home, I have to carry Brandon around the house. I know I should let him walk or crawl by himself. But sometimes, under certain circumstances, I have to carry him.

For example: if the phone ring and I need to get the phone but both of us are inside the room. if he sees me standing up, he will quickly come to me and cling to my leg. to hurry up to get the phone before the answering machine picks up, i have to carry him and run out to get the phone.

Example #2: usually when he wakes up from his day nap, he is very grouchy. and most of the time, he wakes up crying. to stop him from crying, i have to carry him from his crib. at this time, he didn't want to be left alone or even leave my body. i have to carry him walk around the house for a while (may be for 10-15mins) before he calms down and then i can let him down.

A few weeks ago, my right hand would sometimes cramp (chau gun) and my wrist area hurt too (may be from too much typing on the keyboard), though not always. But my whole right hand would be very tired and had a numb feeling.

Last weekend I decided to go see a Tuina Masseur in Arcadia area. I would love to visit him occassionally, but due to the travel distance (about 30 miles each way) it is kinda difficult. I love the way he massages and most of all, he also help to vacuum air out from the body (putt koon). He uses a machine with a plastic tube that connects to a glass suction cup (unlike traditional vacuum by hand or flame) to evenly suction all air from the affected area. He applied a little oil to my skin, then placed the suction cup on the area and pulled down/up and away (not up and down, is more like pulling down in a straight line). He repeated this step a lot of times and each time very quickly. He did a little area each time. During the application, my mouth opened wide, not shouting/screaming, just trying to breathe thru the mouth. It wasn't that bad, I can 'tahan' (withstand) the pain.

Look at the pictures below and you can understand what I mean. See a different of a traditional vacuum by hand/flame here.

It was so comfortable after the whole body massage and I sometimes wish that Tuina Seefu lives nearby so I can visit him at least two week once. It is also a nice way to relax and get away from the baby, just for that one hour.

But for this past weekend, we went together, even with MIL. Hubby took Brandon to the mall nearby to walk around when we were doing the massage. Didn't relax much because we were chit-chatting along. I also brought up the Arbonne business opportunity with him because I knew he was very interested in small business which he can easily take back to Taiwan to resell. He took my samples to try and will let me know in a week time if he decided to sign up.

Typing this post has made my wrist hurting again. Hmm ... may be another stop at the tuina seefu this weekend? Neh, I don't think Hubby will want to go there AGAIN this weekend.


huisia said...

might it be calcium insufficiency that make you feel pain?

G said...

i can imagine ur sore arm ... brandon is a tall boy. it looks painful :P

jazzmint said...

OMG..i thought you got beaten up

Angeleyes said...

I never dare go for such thing... hehehehehe

Also don't like seeing all the blueblack after that..

Vien said...

This is like gwat sar. My mom likes gwat sar a lot..whenever she feels like coming down with a cold or flu, she will ask my dad to gwat sar her back.

LiL'deviL said...

Like kena abused like that. I couldn't stand the pain too. Remember the massage we got in TTDI? Hurt badly. Should've gone for the Thai one. Wanted to go after you left but didn't...ish! Didn't go facial also...ish!

EstherL said...

Hi,Txs for visiting my blog ya, knw wht, u r the first mummy blog that i visited. but i nvr leave comment(so bad) lor.
b4 i start to read ur recent blog , i scroll down to see the pics 1st, First come to my mind, i thought Brandon so heavy ar, carried him till bruised ur hand. HAHA!! Then i fast fast go n read careful, onli knw, u r doing massaging. HAHA!!

Timothy's Mummy said...

Hope u r better now. ;)

zara's mama said...

aahh.. I can imagine how comfortable it'll be after all the 'tuina-ing'..

Btw, I did your tag about why I married my hubby.. finally.

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

Wow, that's some serius after-massage bruising you've got there.

wHOisBaBy said...

huisia: not sure. didn't see the dr. but i do drink lots of milk. i think is becos of carrying brandon too much. it was so much better after the massage.

grace: actually it felt so much better after the tuina. though it looked all black and ugly, but it was so much lighter.

jazzmint: i almost wanted to post the title as "abused by hubby".

angeleyes: it was ugly, but my hand felt a lot lighter after that.

vien: yea yea ... gwat sar, you are rite. but instead of a spoon, this guy uses the electronic device.

lil'devil: the body massage wasn't that good at ttdi one. so painful only. ya, should have tried the thai one. next time then.

estherl: don't worry, i sometimes blog hop also didn't leave comments, no time. so just read read and then go care for baby already. we all understand. not sure if brandon is heavy. he is about 23 pounds. he looks big but when we weight him, around 23 only.

timothy's mom: the dark color already gone. but now my arm is sored again. sigh, wish can have another massage soon.

zara's mama: thanks for taking the time to do it. i will definitely check it out. it was so wonderful after the massage. really feel so relax and nice.

binky: that bruising was done on purpose to get rid of the "wind". clear the arteries/veins pathway.

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