Apr 24, 2007

New Bottle Warmer

We wanted to switch Brandon's feeding from formula to whole milk after he turned one. Why? Whole milk is like $2.50 a gallon (last about 5-6 days) and a can of formula is around $20 w/o coupon (last about 7-8 days). So now you understand why. $ of 1 can of formula = $ of 8 gallons of whole milk. Instead of one week, we can extend to 5-6 weeks.

We weren't successful during the first trial. We bought a gallon of whole milk and tried to give to Brandon right out from the fridge - cold. He didn't like it at all. We threw away almost all of if as none of us drink whole milk.

Brandon is used to the warm formula milk that he has been taking. His pediatrician told us to warm the whole milk using the microwave. But I just do not like the idea of using the microwave to warm baby's food. I didn't want to boil it as it may ends up being too hot or not getting the "right" temperature. This actually brought back memory of the time when we had to warm up the bm by dunking the milk bottle in to a pot of boiled water. It was so troublesome. Have to boil water on the stove and then stand beside it to wait while dipping the bottle in the water. Took so much time away.

At that time, it didn't occur to me to get a milk bottle warmer. Me so stupid. Then, one evening, I brought up this issue about switching to whole milk with Vien and she suggested for a bottle warmer. She told me Belle is drinking whole milk and it is easy to warm it up using the bottle warmer to the "right" temperature. And best of all - only takes 5 minutes.

Told Hubby about it and he immediately got the milk warmer from Target last Monday. He bought the Circo brand which cost $10. In the evening we went to Sam's club and bought a gallon of whole milk. We tested out the milk warmer during Brandon's night feeding (before sleeping). We have to swirl around a little during the warming to get an even temperature. It was so much better than standing beside the stove. And the good thing, we can have this milk warmer inside our bedroom. So ... we let Brandon test his first warm whole milk. He took it ... but he gave us a funny face. He didn't finish the whole bottle (8oz) at once. But he did finish the milk after a couple more times of feeding. Wow, it was successful. Just need to separate into a few feedings.

Then the next day, he started to finish the whole bottle in one go. And he demanded for MORE milk after the 8oz. We added another 4oz and let the warmer do the job while we played with him. He finished up the 4oz later.

So far, after one and a half weeks of whole milk, it has been great. So much easier. I just need to get the milk out from the fridge and place it in the warmer about 10 mins before the feeding time. It is more difficult in the morning as he needs the milk when he wakes up and for that, we use formula with the ready warmed water. Now we just fill the milk up to the neck of the bottle, more than 9oz and he finishes that for the afternoon and night feeding. Occassionally he will demand for more, we'll just add another 4oz for him.

Now when I say "drink milk", Brandon will go to the refrigerator and point to it. After I poured the milk and we will walk together into the bedroom and he will lead me to the bottle warmer and even try to press the on button on the warmer after I placed the bottle inside. Kids, they pick up things so fast.

Thanks Vien! We love this bottle warmer very much!


Annie Q said...

oh..toddler can drink whole milk instead of formula milk wor? I didnt know that lei.

EstherL said...

Same question as Annie Q.
The 'Whole Milk' u buy is purpose make for toddler ??
Any idea, is Malaysia 'Whole milk' suitable for toddlers??
If really can, it save a lots of $$.

jazzmint said...

hehe save alot money ooh..i tried giving my girl, after 1st packet, she don't want liao :(

Angeleyes said...

I think will ask my PB to get the bottle warmer too... must train Darrius using the bottle if not so mah huan to hold the straw for him all the time.

wHOisBaBy said...

annie q & estherl: peds here recommend to change to whole milk (full cream) immediately after the turn 1. is it normal here i guess. the whole milk we got are fresh refrigerated kind which can only last 2 weeks. may be you can ask your peds and see what they said about whole milk vs. formula for toddlers. can save a lot of $$.

jazzmint: may be she likes it warm? ya ... it saves a lot of money, can use it to buy toys later. hehehe

angeleyes: darius will soon know how to hold the straw by himself. ask PB to check the voltage when he is purchasing it. not sure if is compatible.

Vien said...

Anna, did you check out the First Years I told you about? The bottle warmer I have has a compartment to keep cold milk cold.

If any of you decide you're too lazy to go to the kitchen to get the milk, just pour the cold milk into the bottle and store in that compartment. If the bb wakes up middle of the night, at least you can just take out the bottle and warm it in the warmer.

LiL'deviL said...

The reason I never gave Ethan adult's whole milk is because I thought his toddler's milk (not formula) has more nutrients in it.

G said...

I always see the bottle warmer (Avent) in Parents Room at the mall but so far didn't need to use it there but I was telling Kiwi G a few weeks back if only we knew, it would be so handy to have that when Bee was born :P Great that u made the transition to whole milk without much difficulty. i need to get Bee for a food allergy test first (almost a must for eczema babies) before introducing any other "new" food to her lil tum tum

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: nope, we got the warmer only. our bedroom is not too far from the kitchen/refrigerator, it'll takes us less than 1 min to get the milk if we needed it in the middle of the night. but there were several times brandon woke up crying at the middle of night and we just used the formula, faster to prep, to feed him back to sleep.

lil'devil: peds here said formula TOO NUTRITIOUS for toddler since they start on taking regular food, there is no need to be on formula anymore.

grace: same here. it was very useful then. but now i just need it to ease my job for the transition. is really a good item to get for baby shower and i highly recommend to new mothers. poor bee has to go through the allergy tests, hopefully she is not allergic to whole milk.