Apr 19, 2007

Funny Incidences

Act #1:

Brandon wanted to go out kaikai. But I wanted to stay inside the house. Daddy was already home from work. Brandon didn't want Daddy. He came to me and grabbed one of my finger and was trying to pull me towards the main door. He slipped his hand and accidentally let my finger free. We were standing by the dining chair. And my jacket was hanging there. Instead of grabbing my finger, he grabbed the jacket's long sleeve. And it was so funny because he was trying to pull his mommy the jacket towards the door but the jacket wouldn't go and he was trying harded and harder (no, the chair didn't fall on him). Finally, he looked up and saw him mistakenly pulling the sleeve instead of me. He was bashful and quickly walked up to me and hugged my leg. Funny little kid!

Act #2:
Mommy sitting facing Brandon.

Mommy: Brandon, show mommy how to clap hands.
Brandon: *put both hands together and clap clap*
Mommy: So good boy.

Mommy: Brandon, show mommy how to comb hair, soh tau.
Brandon: *put his right hand above his ear and begins combing using his fingers*
Mommy: WAH good boy.

Mommy: Brandon, Brandon, show mommy how to choong leung (bath/shower).
Brandon: *brings his right hand to the front and starts scratching his chest*
Mommy: Pannai (smart) lar.

Mommy: Brandon, give mommy high five. *extending my palm towards him*
Brandon: *looking at mommy's extended left palm, and slowly ... slowly ... he extended ... his .... right leg up towards my hand and high five me with his right foot*


G said...

Hehe funny indeed abt the jacket and knew how to feel embarassed pulak, getting cheeky isnt he; use foot to high five pulak.

Vien said...

Your boy is becoming more cheeky, hor? :D

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: it was funny. more funny things just keep happening now but no time to log them down.

vien: yea i think he will become more cheekier in the coming months.