Apr 28, 2007


My LA My Home blog is very low in Page Ranking. Lately, there hasn't been any opportunity which my blog is qualified. *sigh* ... I only have 6 postings with the current blog. I am actually thinking of adding this blog (which currently has a PR 3) to PPP once I have at least 10 postings with the other. Need to get more postings to get more $$!!!!


huisia said...

actually i don't have any special idea on how to increase the PR, but from what i known that you can ping your particular title or let automatic ping once your blog has updated. so far, i ping via these 2 ping servers:
- http://www.petalingstreet.org
- http://www.technorati.com/ping/

Besides, try to special some keywords when you ping, or use significant post title, these help to be spotted easily by people.

Since you're staying in US, maybe (my opinion) you can blog something special like introducing Malaysia, i think some US people will like to have this sort of travel information.

And, try to build up connection with other blogs, paying them loyalty visit and gain the backlinks.

G said...

do what u hv to do - i'll still be a faithful reader to your blogs :D

wHOisBaBy said...

huisia: thanks for ur input.

grace: thanks thanks. just skip those ppp loh if dun read them. only 2 more posts to my 10th ... then i can add this one. but then i may not have that much time to write.