Mar 15, 2007

A Day at Los Angeles Zoo

We went to LA Zoo last Saturday with Hubby's cousin, Rhoda and her daughter, Kristin. She carries the annual pass and she has a few extra guest passes that she used for us. Actually we only used one pass as the annual pass allow the member plus a guest.

We went together in one car. Two car seats at the back (see first picture below) with me. Brandon was having his morning nap when we drove over to them pick up. It was good as Brandon woke up all fresh and was on full alert all the time when we were in the zoo except when we were leaving (see last picture). We only spent about 2 hours there.

When we arrived at the entrance around 1045am, the ticketing line was pretty long. Fortunately, with the annual pass, we did not have to que up for tickets. It was a breezy nice day and it became warmer half way when we're in the zoo. There were so many strollers, families with kids. We were not too worry about not able to see the exhibits as our main concern is to bring the kids out to enjoy a nice walk outdoor. We also didn't really pay attention to the information board for each animals. We walked and walked and if we see the animals, we just went by to show to the kids. Brandon has yet to recognize or acknowledge any of these animals. He was there to enjoy the outdoor view and the walk of course. Some animals that we saw along our way - alligators, koala bears, sea lions, seal, zebras, mountain goats, kangaroo, wallabies, peacock, komodo dragon, deer, lion, lioness, wild boar, giraffes and elephants.

We walked half way inside the zoo and we stopped for picnic lunch next to the giraffes' exhibit. Rhoda told us that that is where they usually have picnic when she and Kristin go to the zoo themselves. I brought some Chinese buns (red bean, hotdogs, raisins) and package drinks for everyone. Hubby, Rhoda and Kristin went to get something from the nearby fast food (hotdogs, french fries) kiosk while I fed Brandon his baby food. We finished the picnic around 1245pm. We walked towards the elephants' exhibit and then decided to leave. While walking out towards the exit, the two little ones fell asleep in their strollers. They must be tired. Didn't even wake up a little while transferring them into the car seats. It was hot outside and even hotter in the car. We quickly turned on the AC to cool down so the kids would have a nice nap during the drive back home.

We were planning to get the annual pass but may be when Brandon is older. As for now, Rhoda was telling us she has more passes and if we need to go, just let her know. It is more fun to go with more people instead of just me, Hubby and Brandon. We had so much fun and definitely will go back visiting again before summer comes.

Ethan: come visit us soon lar, we'll take you to the zoo and guarantee LOTS of fun for you and your mommy.

top left cw: In the car towards the LA Zoo, Brandon at the entrance, Getting out from the car putting kids in strollers

Random pictures of Brandon at the Zoo

Random pictures of Kristin at the Zoo

A family picture

The kids were sleeping right before we stepped out the exit. They slept all way back in the car ride.


Angeleyes said...

Hey! I din't know there's a zoon in LA! Should have brought Darrius there ah!

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: can save it for the next time!

becky's mum said...

I also looking forward a trip to zoo. Waiting for better weather then we will start explore Netherlands! Nice trip eh!

jazzmint said...

wahh so nice....much better than kl zoo for sure hahahah

sue said...

Haha, when we go to the zoo, specially with Malaysia's warm weather, it won't be just the kids who knock out after the trip :P

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Hehehe, you forgot about me =P!


ZOO *v*!~

From: kimchi-yeeyee

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...
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G said...

u guys sure had a lot of fun! i agree with u, it's much more enjoyable going with other people. U look really good - like 25 yrs old :D

LiL'deviL said...

Wah, go all the way there for the zoo to see the animals we have here? Got watch any animal show? If go all the way there of course go Disneyland already lar.

wHOisBaBy said...

becky's mum: soon it will be spring, and you can take ur daughter out to anywhere kaikai. go see tulips!

jazzmint: i think is a better zoo than kl. but it has been a long long time since my last visit to kl zoo. they might have improvements.

sue: funny. i wasn't that tired, but hubby was (probably due to the driving). he took nap when we got home. is really nice walk as weather is dry so is not easy to sweat as in kl.

eiko: come come. we'll take u to disneyland together with ethan and his mommy too.

grace: yea i love going out with more ppl. too bad is my side of family is not here. only me. wish my sister and ethan are here too.

lil'devil: got animal shows but didnt watch lar. u come lar, then can take u to disneyland too, seaworld too, whereever you and ethan want to go ... we will take u.

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: oh i look like 25? thank you so much. good side is i look young but sometimes i was mistaken as a high school kid and that is not good when i am in the casino. hehehehe

just a mummy said...

Looks like a great time. And wow, what wonderful weather! I can't wait for the summer .... it's still quite cold over here.

wHOisBaBy said...

just a mummy: weather here is beginning of spring. we are very fortunately, in southern california always have good weather. but i think its summer is too hot and dry for me.