Mar 15, 2007

Room Humidifier

Brandon's having a cold with stuffy nose. The doctor said NOT to give him any medication but instead try to use a humidifier. Weather here is very dry and by using a humidifier, it will increase the humidity of the room. If he's getting better with this thing, then we'll not have to bring him in. I know there are many types of humidifier out there, most popular is the Vicks brand.

Hubby asked around his co-workers and seems like everyone with kid has one of this at home. Hubby went to Target and found this little cute humidifier. There are many different animals (cow, penguin, elephant, panda, dog, pig, cat and etc) but Hubby got this cute Crane brand little froggy from Target. It looks so cute. We have it placed on our night stand beside the bed. First two nights Brandon was terrified by it and didn't want to sleep near this thing.

Does it work? Not sure, only used two nights in a row. I still hear his runny nose. May take a few more days I guess.


Vien said...

Is it cold or hot mist? We got one that is hot mist and it works wonder for Belle's cold.

sue said...

Hmm... humidifiers is good for controlling dust coz it makes them heavier and then drop to the ground? *hehe* Something like that. Hey, update us if it really works, I might just get one for my kids :P But I don't know if they come in hot or cold in M'sia.

beckysmum said...

How much does it cost? If really work, might get one for my girl also.

G said...

Very cute. I was just thinking abt whether we needed one too. Too funny that Brandon was scared to sleep near it :D Hope his cold goes away soon!

featherball said...

we have the same humidifier, it is a penguin, we use it almost every night in my daughter's room, she is fine with it.

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: cold mist. which one did you get?

sue: our unit emits cold mist. our place is very dusty, even though our windows are all closed but still a layer of dust on the table. well, brandon's cold is getting better. i think it really helps if u really sleep next to it. i can feel the different if i stand above the unit and breath.

beckysmum: hubby bought it for $31.99 + tax at target. online can be cheaper but we need it asap so we got it at the store.

grace: it is cute but brandon was scared during the first two nights. now he is OK.

featherball: what type of water do you use for the unit? filtered water bought from the machine or regular tap water? we are using the 25c a gallon from the machines.