Mar 4, 2007

The 1 Year Old Birthday Party

This is my fourth post for today. I never thought I would have so much energy to type the stories and also editting all the pictures. This is going to be a short post. Will let the pictures tell rest of the story.

Guests started arriving around 12:05pm. Brandon was still napping when guests first arrived. Told Hubby to turn on the Jacky Chan Movie - Rob-B-Hood for the guests. Baby woke up around 12:15pm. Brought him to meet guests for about 5 minutes then went back inside our bedroom to feed his lunch. Guests already started munching.

Told Hubby to take many many pictures because need to share with "my side" of relatives back in KL/Australia. He did a good job (have to compliment him or else next time he won't do it). Finished feeding and changing Brandon around 1245pm. He was eager to go out meet the guests. Saw my friends, chit-chatted with them (we had so much to share). I wasn't able to mingle with other guests. Eat my lunch while continued chatting with my friends. I had very little food only.

My friends left before the cake cutting ceremony. Around 2pm, we sang song and cut the cake. I was with Brandon and Hubby with the digital SLR, no one helped to take video but got lots of cake and brandon pictures (see below). Guests started leaving around 230pm. Some stayed until the movie has ended.

Before everyone left, 9-yee-ma (Hubby's aunty) arrived. She came late because she went to see Chinese doctor. Around 315pm, her daughter arrived straight from work. I was able to chit chat with her, 9-yee-ma and also SIL who stayed back for a little while. Started munching on the leftovers while chatting. Then Hubby fed Brandon and he took his afternoon nap. 9-yee-ma left around 4pm. Brandon woke up around 5pm. Rhoda and SIL left. Finally the party has ended.

(from top left - clockwise): the party just started, the food on my kitchen island, relatives (FIL standing), SIL with my friends - Anthony & Kathleen

(from top left - clockwise): guests eating in the living room, more guests in the living room, MIL & FIL with relatives and me, MIL & Brandon

kids in the party (from top left clockwise): Bryce (~5 months), Jason (Bryce's big brother, will 5 years old in July), Brandon (exactly 1 year old today), Nicholas (will be 2 years in June)

singing BIRTHDAY song, Brandon was very curious about the candle with fire twicking and dancing, he wanted to "grab" the flame so he wasn't able to sit still


Angeleyes said...


The party looked really great Anna! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves... The cake looks really big!

just a mummy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!
What a lovely party. The cake is massive!! Looks so yummy.
Great work on the scraps.

Sasha said...

that is a very very big cake!!

wHOisBaBy said...

thanks everyone for the wishes. the cake is big, considering we were supposedly to have 30-35 guests. but since only 20 turned up, so we have a big chunk of cake leftover.

G said...

that's a BIG party! love ur kitchen, very spacious and bright. I wish I could hv a piece of the yummy looking cake!

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: the old kitchen was darker, but we remodelled the kitchen took out all the old cabinets and put up cheap ikea cabinets end of 2002. wah already 5 years now. it didn't feel that long.