Feb 12, 2007

Ouch! My heart hurts

It happened on Sunday night. My printer went out of ink while I was printing up the scrapbooks, so I changed a new color catridge for my Epson Color Stylus 860. Then I have to check the nozzle and clean the head before I could continue printing. When the nozzle check came out, there was no color lines, only blackl lines. I wasn't sure what happened and I did the head cleaning immediately. Half way to that, I suddenly remember that I forgot to pull the little sticker on the new catridge. As quickly as I could I stopped the cleaning process and took out the ink catridge and pulled away the sticker. But that didn't help. I spent an hour tried head cleaning and checking the nozzle, the blue ink wasn't in perfect lines. I was so tired. OK, the story is not about my printer ... wait ... is coming up.

It was around 815pm when I took my shower. After that, I played with Brandon while Hubby went online. Brandon was a little grouchy when it came 9:05pm and I know is about his feeding time. Only when I picked him up, I realized that he soiled his diaper. So we changed it and then only I fed him milk. He finished about 4oz (another 5oz left) and he fell asleep. Then I put him down his crib. He has been sleeping with us all these times but lately, I've been trying to put him to sleep at night in his own crib. Usually it never last the whole night. And usually he will end up sleeping between us.

Anyhow, may be 20 mins later he started crying while sleeping. I went to pick him up from his crib and placed him on our bed. He woke up. And was playing with his little pillow. During that time Hubby came over to the bedroom and proceed to go to his dreamland. I turned on the TV to let Brandon watch the Chinese TVB series. He likes to listen to the theme songs. After a little while I continued to feed him the leftover milk. He took it all but he didn't sleep immediately when he was done. He was rolling around the bed. A while later he got tired and I saw him yawning. I put him on my pillow and then tapuk (pat) him to sleep. A few minutes later he slept. I scooped him into the center of the bed so I got space to sleep later. I covered him with the down comforter and padded part of the comforter on my side as well. I left the bedroom to wash his milk bottle.

Washing washing and washing ... when I was almost done with the clean, I heard his noise, the unsettled noise he makes when he was about to wake up. I quickly put down the bottle and ran inside ... and before I was able to make it to the door, I heard a loud "THUD". Oouch ... my heart already hurt that time. Quickly continued running into the bedroom and picked him up from the carpet. Hubby also woke up only because I was shouting like mad woman. Just kidding ... I wasn't shouting because I know if I did Brandon would cry even louder. Hubby woke up but was still sitting on the bed not realizing his son already on the floor. Couldn't blame him lar, due to the fact he is a deep sleeper.

When I picked Brandon up from the ground, the room was still dark. I couldn't tell how he fell or if he was facing down or up. I just scooped him up from the floor. I know his mouth was opened wide and was trying to cry it out LOUD but no sound. Poor boy. Brandon cried loudly when he got to his voice. I walked out the bedroom while patting his back to calm him down. I forgot to give him water to drink immediately, only realized it later. His crying slow down after I walked to the refrigerator and when he started pointing the magnets on my fridge. But started crying when I walked away from the fridge. So I stood there for a while until he really stopped. Then went back to the bedroom.

Was trying to find out if his head got bungalow (bumps) but found none. Checked his hands and back to see if anything ... I don't really know what to check but just check. He was OK. By this time, Hubby already back in his dreamland. He continued playing with his pillow, tossing and turning around between our comforter and my pillow. Later he fell asleep by himself and I scooped him back to his spot.

Luckily he fell on a padded carpet area (Ethan has fallen a few times onto a concrete floor - that's extra ouch!) but still it was a high fall especially when he was sleeping and didn't expect that happening. Poor boy ... my heart really hurts, even now.

Brandon is very 'lan fun' (tossing and turning while sleeping) the whole night. Sometimes his sleeping position is parallel to our head board, meaning his head or feet is facing me while the other end is facing Hubby. Or he can turned until his feet on my pillow while he is sleeping on top of my comforter. That's the reason he can't sleep inside his crib, too small of a space for him to do his exercises in the middle of the night.

He fell from here to the carpet which is exactly 2 feet in height

Update: Brandon has been a little grouchier than usual. He has been clinging to me the whole morning/afternoon. I've checked and he has no fever. But there were a few times he was happy and smiling, especially when he just woke up. But this morning, he woke up crying which is not a typical scene.


Vien said...

Aiyo..1st floor sure is sakit hati. Did you pad your mattress with pillows? Belle's bed if surrounded by pillows.

G - Mom to a Bee said...

ouch i can understand ur pain. i felt that way too (pain & guilt) when Bee fell from our bed (also abt 2ft high) onto the laminated floor when she was 4 mths and a bit as she woke up from her afternoon nap.

G - Mom to a Bee said...

4got to mention abt ur printer ... wei, when u get $$ from PPP can upgrade to color laser printer hehehe

G - Mom to a Bee said...

aiyah i keep 4getting to finish what i wanted to say ... Bee is also very lan fun in the cot. sometimes even her long pants will come off middle of the night :P

just a mummy said...

Oh dear .... poor Brandon. Don't worry, kids are tougher than we give them credit for. We call my daughter kepala kelapa coz her head is like a coconut ... kena knock so many times yet so strong!
Every mother has a story of how their child roll off/fell off the bed/couch ..... it happens.... to everyone.
There will be more bumps once they start walking!

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: yea got pillow but just one.

grace: ouch. i guess almost every baby falls down fromt he bed at least once. get new printer? but i sayang my old printer. is ink jet, can print photo. laser printer cannot print glossy photo i think. in the cot is safer as is surrounded not worrying about falling. must try to get brandon sleeping in his cot thru the night.

just a mummy: yea understand. once they start walking, there are more things to worry about. guess motherhood is all about constant worrying even until they got married with their own family.

Angeleyes said...

aiyoh... poor Brandon to hv to hit the floor but heng he fell onto the carpeted floor. Darrius fell a few times too but luckily nothing major... i also surronds him with pillows.

G - Mom to a Bee said...

anna: oh ya hor, sori, i 4got u're printing photos. ya i guess almost every baby falls from the bed unfortunately! ever since Bee fell, i never put her to nap in our bed but even during that one time, it was bcoz i tried to avoid the deafening hammering noise which could be heard from her room.

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: now we are more careful. he still sleeping on our bed at night. so i make sure i have MORE pillows on my side if i still not sleeping. day time nap is inside his crib.

grace: hope the construction will end soon, then everyone will be happy. gosh, i dunno if i can bare with those hammering noise for so long on daily basis.

LiL'deviL said...

After reading all these I don't feel so bad. Although, the first, and every time Ethan fell was on the tiled floor, so it's like concrete, HARD. Only remembered the first two falls, both my faults. Then I lost count...

Went to the GP the first time. Then I knew what to look out for. Would prefer to sleep on the floor when I have my own house.