Feb 13, 2007


Brandon's feeding time must be in a serene and quiet environment. Well, since is just the two of us here. Unlike when we were back in KL, there were so many people walking in and out and he was adapted to that environment during feeding. But not at home.

His usual waking up time is 730am-8am. He woke up later than usual this morning at 9am. That was why his morning nap was later than usual. He slept from 12 to 1pm (normal from 1030am-1130am). On a normal day, he would have finished his lunch around 1230pm and "immediately" I would give a call to the in-laws for them to come over. But today, since he only woke up later than usual, my in-laws called at 115pm and asked why we haven't phone them yet. MIL left a msg on the voice mail. I was busy preparing Brandon's lunch so no free hands to pick up the phone. Usually I told them not to call but instead I'll call them when Brandon is awake, as when Brandon was younger the ringing of the phone sometimes woke him up unexpectedly

Anyway, I thought I would give them a call IMMEDIATELY after Brandon gets done with his meal. Unfortunately, someone rang on the door bell. Being Brandon, he was all excited and was turning back and forth trying to find the guests. I didn't bother to open the door because I thought it might be door to door salesperson. Didn't expect that MIL and FIL would have came over when I haven't give them a call and on top of that, they just called like 2 minutes ago (guess they walked pretty faster). Then I heard them saying they're leaving as there is no one home. But then MIL unlocked the door (yes they have a set of our key), and Brandon again was turning back and forth looking for that someone that has just entered our house.

I shouted politedly to say we were feeding. MIL told FIL about it and he said he would go home and come back later. MIL stayed. Brandon was too busy telling the guest about the house (pointing here and there) and he wasn't too interested in finishing his meal. ALAMAK! Why lar come over now. MIL said they were worried that I haven't call them since was past 1pm. I told her that there were several times I had called past 130pm.

It was so difficult to feed him and he was all in a mess. It took longer than usual for him to finish his lunch. Then MIL said she going to take Brandon out to her house to visit FIL (take lar take lar, so I can steal a few minutes to blog about this). While feeding Brandon she already said she going to take Brandon out but I told her that today, Tuesday is garbage day and usually we don't go out walking around as people has their garbage trash containers outside, one for recycle, one for greens and one for all others. It is pretty nasty out there. MIL said, "OH, they already finished picking up the trash, people already pulled back the trash cans." So I had to change baby's diaper and then she quickly picked him up and took him out the house. Like 5 minutes later, I heard (while typing up this post) the garbage truck (probably the picking up the greens) went by my street.


mom2ashley said...

i can relate to you on this...anyhow....i guess we just have to calm down and not be so stressed up in ffeeding baby..i get stressed up too when she gets distracted....but i try to cool it..

Sasha said...

hmmmmmmm..at least u have someone to come and take over to jaga him while u blog ler....like me. if at home, its 24 hours..tiring

Vien said...

Just sabar la.

G - Mom to a Bee said...

brandon is too cute, the little busy body boy pointing here and there, hehe. i know how frustrated u must hv felt, i felt that way too when SIL was here and Bee wasn't interested in her food bcoz of someone new hanging around her. well, hope there won't be too many of such frustrating feeding days!

wHOisBaBy said...

mom2ashley: i am ok once i got it out.

sasha: she comes over everyday because she said brandon will forget who she is if she doesn't. basically, she is just playing with him, the easy part.

vien: sabar, of course of course. or else we already moved farther away.

grace: he likes to point around the house to a guest. when baby is not concentrating on their meal, it is very marfun for us as we want to get the feeding done asap so can have time to do other things. there was once because mil went out so she only got the evening time available. i had her came over during brandon's dinner, no choice. i still got him to finish the dindin but took me an hour. then mil was saying how come feed him so much. i said not much but becos it took longer than usual to finish the meal when ppl is around or else we would have finished 30 mins ago.