Feb 11, 2007

CNY Costume

We went to Monterey Park, Chinatown today to shop for groceries. It has been a few months since the last time we were there. Usually we buy from the local market as Monterey Park is about 30 mins driving distance away. But since next week is CNY, we just go there to see the decoration, actually to let Brandon check out the beautiful CNY decor.

MIL also came with us. When we arrived at the DAI SHUN FATT groceries store, she took me over to the individual seller counter to see the CNY costume for Brandon. She wanted to get one for him but I wasn't sure if I want him to have one. I forgot to mention that Brandon and Hubby were in the car because he was still sleeping since our drive there. I told MIL to ask Hubby later when they come down. Hubby came into the store with Brandon later and after we paid for the groceries, MIL brought us over to the counter again. The costume cost $15 but she was able to bargain downt o $13. Initially she'd admired another heavier suit with thicker lining which she thinks is good for this weather. But I didn't like the color and the design. Then she wanted to get a blue suit but I said is CNY why not get RED. Hubby agreed so we got this set. Another advantage was this suit came with a very cute chinese cap with pigtail.

Want to see Brandon modelling in this suit, visit here.


Vien said...

Adorable!!! Michelle from mybabybay was here last week and she got Belle a lovely CNY costume too.

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: that's so nice of her. u must blog with belle wearing the costume so we all can see.

G - Mom to a Bee said...

aiyoh too cute brandon boy! red red some more and got pig tail also!