Feb 8, 2007

Mess up my schedule

If you don't know what time the baby want to sleep, ask me lar. Why you go and rock him to sleep. He supposed to sleep after his milk feeding at 3pm and then he will sleep until around 4pm - 430pm. Just now for no reason, you sang and rocked him to sleep at 215pm. You know hor, by doing so is not helping me but instead you've messed up my and his schedule.

Usually after Brandon's lunch, his paternal grandma and grandpa come over to play with him. Yalor, our house so close that they can walk here within 5 minutes. Got good and bad of course. And usually his grandpa will leave within 5-10mins after. His paternal grandma will stay a bit longer so I can have about an hour of time to do stuff around the house, either preparing the ingredient for dinner (wash, cut, season, etc) or eat my lunch.

Today, they came by around 1pm. Brandon was as usual, in his Jeep walker running/walking around the house when they arrived. They spent some time inside the house with him before they brought him out for a walk while I was preping to season the beef for our dinner. Grandma brought him back and played with him a little in his playroom. During this time, I was in the study room finishing my scrapbooking project - Brandon's 9 months (only one more to go - the 12 months/1 year old). I could hear all the happening in the house as our house is not too small and grandma usually talk pretty loud. I heard while Brandon was crawling out from his room, he accidentally knocked his head on the door frame. If it was me, things like that "seldom" happened. I am usually on high alert when taking care of Brandon.

Anyway, he cried badly so I carried him and when asked his grandma said she didn't see which part of his head he knocked. Later, she saw a bruise a little above Brandon's left eye and she said, "Oh, he knocked here." I was carrying him and he stopped crying. I thought grandma was going home already, but she said to let him carry Brandon (may be she was feeling a little guilty?). OK loh, 'mm tong' I say cannot meh? Then I went inside to continue the project. A few minutes later, I went out to the living room. They were sitting on a sofa. I went out to check on them and to see his bruise and grandma told me that she already 'chut chut' (rub, rub) the bruise a lot of times. I went back inside loh. Suddenly I heard her singing some old classic chinese songs. It never came to me that she was rocking Brandon to sleep.

Then I heard her standing up from the sofa and walking, then it came to my mind and I rushed out to see. Yup she was carrying a sleeping Brandon and asking me where to put him. It was 215pm. I was like HUH, why you put him to sleep!? She said I told her Brandon sleeps around 3pm. I said ya, but now only 215pm worh. Aiyo, I told her that I have schedule and he was not supposed to sleep so early because his milk feeding is at 3pm and if he sleeps now, he will miss the milk and later he will be very grouchy because he doesn't nap after this until we go to sleep at night. Even if he is tired, I will play and do active things with him (not sing and rock him), until around 245pm then I give him his milk and he will sleep afterwards. When I was carrying him when he was crying, I was ready to entertain and play with him myself but then grandma wanted to carry him.

Now he is still sleeping (320pm), hopefully until 4pm. Then only I feed him his milk. His evening meal and bath also need to postpone until later. May be he gets tired and grouchy before his regular bedtime. That's why lar, you think very easy ah taking care of a baby? The susah part you don't see because you are not be here. Who has to deal with it later? Me lor. Who else? Hubby also cannot handle the baby. OK OK, Hubby's one is another story.

I hate to rant to Hubby alone all the time. I want share it with other people too. But usually having to talk it out I feel much better than just keeping inside. So it will be like usual again tomorrow.


Sasha said...

well at least u can ngam ngam cham cham with us ..and luckily u can rant in yr own blog.Like some mom's they cant do that cos all reads the blog. :(

Vien said...

That's why we turned down our inlaws offer to pick up Belle from the daycare. If they start doing that..they will pick her up at 4pm..then give her another nap. When that happens, her sleep bio clock will be interrupted and keeps waking up during the night. Sometimes, we need to work late so no choice but to ask the inlaws to pick her up. We did "warn" them(nicely) not to let Belle nap & told them we are the ones suffering during the night if she does nap.

After we laid that rule, they are pretty good at keep Belle awake in the late afternoons. Maybe you should give (actually let your hubby do that)your rules to the inlaws..then no need to lou hei lor.

just a mummy said...

Oh dear, poor you .... How did the rest of the day go? In-laws are difficult to deal with .....

G - Mom to a Bee said...

hope ur mil won't try that again! same thing with my mil when she was here for two weeks, she's messed up the Bee's sleeping schedule for the whole two weeks! she tried to make Bee sleep each time she carried Bee that's like every half an hour .. what the?!?!??? According to her dictionary, ALL babies sleep MOST of the time, stubborn her, as we've already made it very clear that Bee is not the eat-sleep eat- sleep type of baby. Like u said, if baby doesn't sleep at nite, we're the ones who suffer, not them!

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: i also dare not rant too much. or else my blog will filled with complaints.

vien: yup, have to be clear with them. now mil knows that I didn't like brandon to be napping too early. she understands.

just a mummy: it was not as bad. though baby was a little grouchy towards the evening time as he woke up around 340pm and we didn't go to bed until 10pm.

grace: understand totally. well, at least they were there only two weeks. mine comes over everyday. hehehe ... she is OK. i sometimes just being too hard on her i think. there was another thing she did yesterday about feeding baby. will talk about that in another post.

Pinky said...

I can relate to your predicament. Even though mine comes like every 1 to 1.5 months, sleep schedule all disrupted. Mine is the complete opposite. Let him stay awake too long... as a result naps only 30 to 40 mins in the afternoon. Not enuff for a growing baby.

Can't say too much also, they will walk out and threaten not to come back *sigh*