Dec 24, 2006

You think very easy ah?

Taking care of baby is not as easy as you see. If you come over to play with the baby once a day for an hour or less, it is not the same as taking care of the baby the whole day, 24 hours a day.


Do you know the baby's schedule?
oh yea, sure can print out the list for her. a very long list.

Do you recognize when he poops?
one time baby pooped while she carrying him but didn't know until i carried back baby and recognized immediately. there is a way to carry baby to get him changed after pooped by carrying him under his armpits and not touching his butt or else will mess up all the poop and makes it harder to clean. last time she kept asking me to check on his diaper because she thought he pooped but was false alarm - she no longer ask me about this now.

Do you know how to change the diapers?
baby is so active during change of diaper. very difficult to hold him down. even we give him different objects to play with everytime, we very very rarely get him to stay still until we put his pants back on. most of the times, we have to wrestle with him a few times before all is done. especially now we're in the winter season, he wears so many layers. a challenging job this is. also we are using so many different kind of diapers. different diapers for different times of the day also if we stay home or going out. do you know which kind is for which purposes, told you before, but can you remember?

Do you know how much to feed or even to mix the formula or even what his drinking habit?
we have a zojirushi water boiler (which you don't have) that can keep the temperature at 140F all the time after boiling. also we use NOT TAP WATER but FILTERED WATER we bought from outisde for this water boiler. during this cold weather, we use all 8oz of water for formula at this temperature. but during the summer months, we mixed half cold and half warm at 140F. we also let baby drinks water from this water boiler since we (daddy & mommy) drink unboiled water from the alkaline ionizer. we only pump out like 2oz of water each time we give him because that way, we ensure that he can have warm water everytime. if we filled up the bottle with water to let him drink, the water will not stay warm because he can't finish all the water in one drinking. also we have to feed him his prescription fluoride supplement and this we only add 1oz of water so baby can finish the supplement in one drinking.
sometimes my boy doesn't finish all his milk. he will stop by himself. if we continue to feed him, he will take it but there will be a mess for us to clean up later. he will regurgitate all the milk. but he will be OK if we continue feeding him after burping him at the end of the 1st feeding. you know or not?

Do you know how to wash the milk bottles?
guess not, this also we have steps. first need to rinse the bottle by filling it with warm tap water and shake it with the cap close. open the cap and wash the cap first. then brush the nipple inside and out and then use finger to remove the oily residue. next use another bigger brush to wash the bottle twice with the flowing warm water, inside first then sligtly brush the outside and also the area around the lines to fasten the nipple cap. then fill the bottle with warm water and cap it with the nipple and then shake it vigorously and let the water flow out from the nipple to make sure smooth flowing liquid. then pour out the water and shake the bottle and nipple as dry as you can and put it back into the dishwasher rack to dry.

Do you know what and how much he eats for lunch and dinner?
i get annoy everytime she ask if i fed the baby yet or not. of course i fed the baby, or else would i allow you to come over? also when feeding baby, must be in a peaceful and quiet environment or else he will take forever to finish his food if there are too much activities around him. guess you didn't know that huh?

How about his sleeping pattern or how to put him to sleep?
i can tell when he is tired and able to put him to sleep right then. baby has no set schedule for his naps now and night time he may sleep around 9 or 10 or 11pm. we always change his nappy before he goes to sleep. also make sure no poop before he goes to sleep. also make sure his nappy is correctly fastened or else he will wet himself during the night and he will cry.

Do you know what time he goes to sleep at night?
answered above. but it's another challenging chore for me. since our trip back from KL, he has been sleeping on my arm while i sit on the bed and rocking him. i watch tvb series this time so there is a little noise at the background. baby loves the sharp corner of his small pillow (chowchow-smelly smelly) which i use to scratch scratch his palm while he is holding his small little bolster (lumchum) with his other hand. he also will be sucking on his ka-ka (pacifier).

Wah, I can continue these questions until many many more lines. But have to stop here or else dunno when I can upload this post.

Ya, I know you took care of your babies before, but those were like 30 something years ago already. It is different now. Babies are more active and require a lot of work. Wah so you think so easy come and tell me to leave baby with you when we go to Las Vegas. If we do leave the baby with you, we will not be able to enjoy our trip as we will keep thinking about if you have any problems handling the baby and worrying all this and that - if you fed him, change him ... etc. Better bring baby with us, even it means we may not be able to play the jackpots or other table games, but at least we know baby is OK and no sudden phone call requiring us for our immediate return (which is about 4-4.5 hours drive). I know you are sincere but it is not easy as you think. If you have not stay at least one FULL day (or may be more) with me and baby, you haven't observe us at work and you will not know what to do and when to do what.

Anyway, we already decided to take baby with us from the beginning that why we booked a suite with KING SIZE bed. Even though it means no time at the casinos for us, we just want to go to walk around, eat the buffet and do some shopping during the after Christmas sales.

So thank you for your kind offer ... but NO THANKS baby will be going to LAS VEGAS with us!


Angeleyes said...

hehe... my mom also asked me to leave Darrius with her when we wanted to bring him to LA but we are glad we did not!

Vien said...

Aiyo, no need to kek hei la. :)

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: hehe ... we both like to bring our kids along with us, don't we?

vien: no lar, no more kek hey after poured out everything in writing.

G said...

Anna: I totally understand ur views. some ppl seem to think it's easy to take care of other babies coz they assume ALL babies are the same and that they could apply the same methods successfully on all babies. only us who have "not so easy" babies would know what it's like :P

wHOisBaBy said...

g: yup, every baby is different not one is the same. that's why loh. i wasn't angry but just feel i wanted to jot it down somewhere.