Feb 15, 2007

My 2007 Valentine's gift

Hubby surprised me with an edible Valentine's gift when he came back from work. I thought it was Marie Callendar's pie since it is pie month again. He said "Yea." Sometimes I really wonder if he hears what I've just said. A lot of times he says yea yea but in the end he didn't remember me telling him the things I told him. Anyway, I am supposed to talk about my Valentine's gift.

So what did he get me? See pictures below:

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Dipped Strawberries

Yup, those were chocolate dipped strawberries. They were delicious. After our "not so romantic dinner", I had 2 white chocolate ones and 1 milk chocolate. Hubby had the rest. We had to finish them as it may not be as good if we leave for the next day. They were so sweet and yummy. Highly recommended. Six pieces are too much for the two of us. We were so full afterwards.

Wanted to give him a taste but he wasn't interested.

Look at me savouring this delicious Valentine's gift. Sorry for the wet sleeve as I've just finished giving Brandon his bath.


G - Mom to a Bee said...

Fuuuahhhh the strawberries are huge! ur hubby so good boy & cayang u :P i guess men are like that hoh, sometimes we dunno they heard us or not but they actually did, hehehe. Mine for the first time, listened to my request not to get flowers, so he bought slices of cake, tart and was it loh mai chee, not sure, yummm

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: so cute lar the profile picture of bee. i just saw it first time.

it was funny, hubby said if he didn't buy me gift then i will blog about it and he definitely didn't want the blogging world to know. so he got me this simple gift, which is good.

Sasha said...

SO HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YUMMY!!!

Angeleyes said...

hahaha... ur hubby really cute... and those strawberries are sure huge! How I wish I can have one! :P

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: they are very sweet ... and yummy too.

angeleyes: ask piggybeng to pick up one box when he flies back from US to Malaysia next time.