Jan 1, 2007

Brandon's Xmas Gifts

Last year (2006) was Brandon's first Christmas and he received MORE gifts than Hubby and I combined. Hubby's co-workers and friends gave Brandon so many gifts. Here are his 2006 Christmas pressies.

All Brandon's Christmas gift

Gift from Cousin Fuzz (SIL's pet bear) - a rear view mirror

Gift from Hubby's friend, Anna - a Gymboree windbreaker

Gift from Goo-Jie (SIL) - a push around buggy

Gift from Brandon's cousins, Jason and Bryce - a tabletop eat & play mat

Gift from Hubby's friend, Joe - a set of top and pants from Children Place

Gift from paternal grandpa - an oinking pig (we kept this for later as Brandon was scared of this moving and oinking pig)

Gift from Hubby's friend, Aki - a small soft nap teddy bear

Gifts from Hubby's co-workers, Debbie M , Debbie T, Lisa and Veronica - a V-Tech talking book and a Playskool Walk and Ride

Gift from Joyce's kids, Ryan, Allysan and Dylan - a Sesame Street toy and a buttondown top & an overall

Gift from my ex-landlord and wife, Anthony & Kathleen - two clothe books

Gift from Hubby's niece, Kristin - two Infantino toys which Brandon really enjoy playing with


eiko-chan aka ageha said...

Hehehe, i like Brandon's gifts! The oinking pig is really cute XD!

Chocklitmom said...

So many cute pressies for Brandon!!

BTW, read your post on You Think so Easy Ah? and can totally relate. When I was going away to London, I told MIL we needed to have some trials for her to get familiar with Zach and she told me "No need, I brought up my son, you think I cannot take care of your baby?" I was so pissed!!! In the end, we only had one trial upon my insistence.

G said...

wah brandon so blessed. all great pressies! the toys are great! even ur ex-landlord so good one! i also got something to blog abt unable to trust some people (SIL, haha) to take care of my baby but will write another day - I can relate to ur previous post abt this topic too.

Angeleyes said...

Wow! Brandon has so many pressies! He's such a lucky baby!

wHOisBaBy said...

eiko: too bad brandon didn't like the pig.

choclitmom: i do remember reading your blog about the trial.

g: tsk tsk tsk brandon got more pressies than hubby and i combined.

angeleyes: he is very lucky indeed.