Dec 31, 2006

Honey Bunches of 2006 Babies

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WOOOH HOOOO!! Here are the many many 2006 Babies.

Jan 6th: Kevin
Jan 9th: Izac Chan
Jan 27th:Marcus Teng Lit Ean
Feb 26th: Dylan Tse (Joyce and Tze's 3rd baby)
Feb 25th: Ian Ky-ren
Feb 28th: Ashley
Feb 28th: Mika
Mar 2nd: Ernie
Mar 3rd: Eugene Peh
Mar 3rd: Brandon Wong
Mar 4th: Ethan Fock
Mar 4th: Irfan Adam
Mar 5th: Zachary
Mar 7th: James Ryan
Mar 11th: Jayden
Mar 18th: Ryan Chua
Mar 18th: Zi Yang
Mar 21st: Shermaine
Mar 21st: Jayden Chan
Mar 23rd: Dexter
Mar 27th: Little HH
Mar 20th: Yi Xuan
Mar 31st: KiKi Fong
Apr 10th: Jaslyne Tam
Apr 18th: Loh Yen Shine
Apr 22nd: Malaika Xiao Yu
Apr 23rd: Isabelle
Apr 25th: Rowena Kaur Kler
May 20th: Terry Pang
May 26th: Isabel
May 27th: Phoebe Michelle Lee
June 10th: Vyktore Hon
June 13th: Jeremy Soo Hoo Yang Shan
July 6th: Malcolm Wong
July 12th: Chloe 恺仪 (Kai Yee)
Oct 2nd: Ryan (Merry and Ben's 1st baby)

Sorry, I was only able to update till July as I hardly have anytime to surf to find more babies to add on my list since then. If you know anyone that was born in 2006 but not on the list, please leave me a comment about their sites and I will add them to the list. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!


Sasha said...

WAH!!! u so FRE!!!!

G said...

wow it is very nice of u to keep a list despite ur busy schedule. well done and thanks for including Bee in the list!

jazzmint said...

wahh...u really went to search a lot sites hahaha

Peridot&Sapphire said...

can add en en? 15 May 2006