Jan 8, 2007

More baby's stuff

Our friend, Joyce sent us an email asking us if we need any of baby's stuff her sister, Jennie wanted to get rid of. I replied immediately asking if the Little Tikes Roadster Toddler Bed plus a crib mattress & cribsheet and Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Highchair were still available. Joyce replied right away letting me know they were and she would even deliver them to my house. That's so nice of her. Earlier, we were planning to drive SIL's SUV to pick them up, but Joyce said the toddler bed could not fit into the SUV. Her sister had rented a minivan for her vacation in Las Vegas and would drop by my place with the furnitures before returning it to the car rental company. Thank you so much Jennie!

On top of the two furnitures, Joyce gave us her Jeep Walker. Thank you Joyce for the Jeep Walker!

For the first two days, Brandon only sat in the walker and playing the steering wheel. We encouraged him to move around in it but to no avail. Then suddenly, he surprised us by kicking off and walking around our dining area and living room. Now that he can go around the house, he can touch whatever he is able to see and reach. We have a new mission to accomplish which is to secure all of our stuff around the house to prevent any unwanted accident.

Here are pictures of Brandon with the new stuff.

Jeep Walker w/ steering wheel that has clicking noise and battery operated musical buttons

Peg-Perego Prima Pappa High Chair - brought over to MIL's house

Little Tikes Roadster Toddler Bed


vien said...

Is Brandon still sleeping in his baby cot? It is good to have friends who had older kids..can collect a lot of hand-me-downs..hehe.

Angeleyes said...

wow! such nice stuff.... Brandon is one lucky kid!

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: nope, he sleeps with us and share our comforter. if he sleeps by himself, he kicks off all the blankie and sleeps on top of it.

angeleyes: he does not sleep on the toddler's bed yet. it seems a little small for my very 'lan fun' boy. also the sides are hard plastic and scare he will knock himself when he wakes up blur blur in the middle of the night.

G said...

my bebe is like brandon too, kicks off the blankie. good thing it is summer for us now, wear long sleeve and long pants enough already. Ur friend is so generous, such nice things to give away. the car bed looks really nice!

wHOisBaBy said...

g: luckily is summer there but still winter will be coming. hopefully by then she will be acustomed to having a blanket over her.