Sep 4, 2006

Back Pain

My back hurts! From shoulder to my waist. I also have sore bones just right under both of my knees. *sigh* Are all these aching part of motherhood? I can say YES ... may be because I take care of the baby myself!

Since Baby Brandon has the activity center, my back pain returned. I know why because I was picking him up and down his activity center while bending on my waist a lot of times a day. I tried to squad but still I can feel I am using the strength from my waist instead of my thigh/leg.

Anyway, as I was typing this post, I chatted with my sister on msn and she told me to do the pelvic tilt exercise. Just like Michael Jackson's dance worh. TILT YOUR PELVIC FORWARD AND BACK several times while standing. So I stood up (I am still standing as I am typing this) and did the exercise. Immediately I do feel a bit better on my lower back. Now I have her to ask her Physio what exercise to do for UPPER BACK.


Zara's Mama said...

I looked after Zara from Day 2 at home as well (kicked out the confinement lady), and like you, I too have back ache..

Aigh.. let me try your excercise..(but now I'm pregnant.. I wonder if it'll help)

G said...

Sorry to hear abt ur back pain, hope you get well soon. I know what you mean, I don't hv back pain (yet??) but shoulder and wrist pain :) After reading your post abt hair loss, mine comes off in chunks since last week ... like a scene from a scary movie!

wHOisBaBy said...

zara's mama: let me know if it works for you too.

g: i think it might also be from the epidural that I had. not sure, but i know i've been lifting brandon up and down a lot lately. may go for a back massage soon. just need to find the time.

i know what you mean with the CHUNKS of hair loss. it was scary to me too but now i am used to it. i still have hair loss but wasn't as much as earlier but still more than usual.

G said...

Due to apidural? Oops, hope the side effects wear off soon! Back pain is such a discomfort. My pain is due to having to carry the little boss. Glad to hear your hair loss is minimal now :)