Sep 7, 2006

Dulcinea Cantaloupe

Wanted to post these pictures a while back. Only realized I didn't post them when my sister talked about Cantaloupe and I was searching my blog for these pictures to show her. Anyway, these pictures were taken in early June when I bought two of these Dulcinea Cantaloupe. They are also known as Rock Melon (in Malaysia). Its texture and taste are like Honeydrew but much sweeter.

This is new "brand" of Cantaloupe (usually they don't have brand). Usually cantaloupe doesn't have BRIGHT GREEN lines outside. It is just plain skin. With these green lines, you can choose the sweetness to your likeness. The MORE GREEN, the less sweet. The LESS GREEN the lines, the SWEETER it is. The first picture has a label that says EXTRA SWEET for the one I bought. Love it. It was very juicy and sweet and taste exceptionally good during the summer days.


G said...

We love this fruit too, rock melon. In the markets it sells for AU$2 each but in the supermarkets (Coles & Woolies) it sometimes sells for an exhorbitant AU$4.00 each!! Didn't know different lines mean different level of sweetness, I wonder if it's the same here too.

wHOisBaBy said...

g: try to find the lighter color lines, hopefully it will be EXTRA sweet!!!