Aug 17, 2006

New Toy - Activity Center for Brandon

By now, we should know that we will be spoiling our little Brandon. Went to BBRU twice last weekend. Brandon likes standing up and we have to hold him most of the time and being alone with him during the day time, I am getting very tired to entertain him all day long. To solve my dillema - I thought about getting Brandon an activity center/saucer where he can be left standing (w/ support of the seat) and playing by himself. The above picture is an example of an activity center/saucer - which we didn't get.

I looked online and decided to drop by BBRU to let Brandon try out their display units. We went on Saturday but Brandon was napping and wasn't able to have him try any of the units. We did get a chance to see these products up close. The price range from $50-$100. Some very colorful with a lot of toys. The cheaper one of course has less toys and seems very boring, even to me as an adult.

On Sunday morning we went to Toys "R" Us, not BBRU. They have three activity center display units. This time, Brandon was awake so we put him on them to see his reaction to this toy. He seemed very excited and happily knocking and banging on the table. We didn't get it from Toys "R" Us because we have a coupon for $5 off with $25 purchase for BBRU that would expire that day itself. On the drive back home, we were still deciding if we want to add another "toy" to Brandon's toys collection.

Later that afternoon, right before we attended the birthday parties, we did a quick stop at BBRU and bought this activity/walker center.
We have to squeeze the big box into our car's trunk which space is already occupied by the BIG Graco stroller. Came home from the party around 8pm, hubby quickly assembled the parts together and it wasn't easy. I had to help him a little here and there. We like this particular activity center because baby can move around the table (learning to walk) and when he is older, we can take apart the walker and the table will be a stand-alone toy for him to play with. Oh yea, we also placed his Leapfrog table next to this center so Brandon can enjoy both toys at one time.

See Brandon in action with this toy, click here.


Egghead said...

do they have an adult size one? I WANT ONE! LOL!

Chocklitmom said...

Thx for visiting my blog! thinking of renting an exersaucer for Zach to try out! Do you recommend the activity center or the leapfrog table?

Zara's Mama said...

Wah wah wah.. you'll need a very big house to take in all the toys he has.

Btw, have you seen Little People Toys (by Fisher Price) in BabiesRUs before? I just can't get them here in this region. Zara loves animals and I thought of getting her a farm set.

G said...

Brandon is sure one blessed baby, LOL

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: i prefer an adult size of the cradle/swing for me to enjoy. hehehe

chocklitmom: leapfrog table is good if bb knows to stand if he doesn't then someone has to hold him up to play. though the table's legs can be removed but at this age, bb likes to stand more.

i would recommend an activity saucer rather than just the table.

zara's mama: sent u an email regarding the little ppl toys at toys r us.

g: hahaha ... first one what to do? sure kena lucky one.