Jul 3, 2006

Brandon is 4 months today!

Woo Hoo ... so fast Baby already 4 months old. Tsk tsk tsk ... still remember the long lasting sleepless nights we had when we just got home from the hospital. Anyway ... His doctor's appointment went pretty well. That particular post was uploaded at his blog.

Here was his measurements (taken on June 29th):

Head Circumference: 43.5cm / 17.1" [75th percentile]
Height: 64.8cm / 25.5" [75th percentile]
Weight: 7.85kg / 17 lbs 5 oz [90th percentile]


Egghead said...

Happy happy 4 months old!
he looks really happy!

mom2ashley said...

happy 4 months old!

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: we only post the nicest picture of course!

mom2ashley: thanks. he is growing up really fast.

G said...

Congratulations - 4 months already .. time sure flies! He is such a happy and cute baby! Can't wait for mine to turn 4 months :)

wHOisBaBy said...

g: very fast one. *snap* *snap* your little one will become 4 months in no time. Baby Brandon is getting more fun to play with now.