Jul 3, 2006

Pool Party for Brandon

Finally, we got a baby float for baby age 6-12 months. We were able to celebrate his 4th month birthday in the POOL!

We've been looking around for two weeks for a acceptable baby float (we couldn't find any at Torrance Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walmart) and we finally found it at Manhattan Beach Target! Before we went to Target, we were at Toys R Us and bought another baby float for $14.99 (will be returning this one). This float at Toys R Us has no shade/umbrella to block the sun. Below is a picture of it.

We were looking for a float that has a shade to block out the HOT SUN here in Los Angeles. So we went to Target hope to find one and hubby found this baby float at their summer sale section. Pretty good looking float with shade and a baby toy in front of it and it only cost us $5.40.

Baby whale float with toy in front

Another view of the float, the tail will act as a shade

Came home around 6pm. I quickly changed first and then was arranging the stuff needed for Brandon and us during and after swimming (goggles, camera a must, towels, slippers). Hubby was busy pumping air into the float using a bicycle pump. I didn't buy any of those swim diapers, I just put Brandon on a cloth diaper (to avoid skin to plastic contact on his crotch). Called SIL to inform MIL and FIL to come over to see Brandon in the pool.

Hubby went into the pool first. Then I carried Brandon on my chest and slowly imersed into the water step by step. Water was a bit cold when we first got in but it was OK once we were inside the water. Brandon was really nervous and he almost cried when we were going into the water. So I went UP the stairs a little bit, until only his legs were touching the water, and then slowly pat some water on his back, chest and arms. Then slowly imersed ourselves again into the water. This time was better. So we pulled the float over and tried to put him in, but he started to cry. I never thought baby knows how to be afraid. But he sounded like he was afraid of the water or to be on the float. The float wasn't that scary looking. Anyway, I carried him from the float and played with him a little while in the pool. Then the second time I placed him inside, he was fine. He found the toy in front of the float and started to lick/bite it.

Baby Brandon relaxing on the float

Baby Brandon LICKING his toy

He loves the water, we were at the shady part of the pool

We have to be careful since it was the first time for him in the water, so we only played a little while and we got up. He didn't like it when we took him out from the float. hehehe ... he had just finally enjoying himself and we have to take him out. We gave him a bath immediately and he was all tired and was napping for 30 mins after that.


Egghead said...

whoa! I have close to 10 inflatables now... and they just keep growing... LOL!

mom2ashley said...

the float looks greatt!!!! swimming is a good way to tire those little babes out! and not to mention the parents too:)

G said...

The middle piccy where he licks his toys, is the cutest! The float is a bargain buy indeed, good hunt! Finally, your pool comes in handy eh? hehe

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: slowly, one by one we will have more of these too. Different types to fit different conditions.

mom2ashley: oh yea, we went swimming again the next day and he was nappin immediately right after his bath.

g: yea finally we got to use the pool. when summer comes in sydney, you can also take your girlgirl to swimming. nice way to cool down.

Zara's Mama said...

He looks bored on the float.. :P

Now, you get to use your pool more often huh? Esp it's summer too now.

wHOisBaBy said...

zara's mama: yea pretty boring for him since he doesn't really know what swimming is yet. YUP, we went in the pool twice already last week, finally we are using it!