Jul 3, 2006

Sky Writing

We were travelling on the 110 Freeway going home from Glendale. While passing downtown LA, I looked up into the sky and saw this so call 'sky-writing'. It was the first time I ever seen this with my own eyes. I wasn't sure what it was writing up there, but it seemed like M H O I S K Y ... (at first look, I thought it was writing W H O I S ... B A B Y ) might not be finished when I lost sight of the writing as we travelled farther away from that location.

Came home and found a site that advertise sky writing: link
They even can write a heart symbol in the sky using the plane. Amazing!

First shot

Zoomed in

Correct position to read the writing

1 comment:

G said...

Hehe, I used to see a lot of these sky writings when hubby and me used to go out for walks often ... the marriage proposal ones were so touching!