Jun 29, 2006

Artic Clams & Japanese Gyoza

The frozen pack of Artic Clams

The cleaning process: cut ends, slice into halves and wash off the interior gooey stuff

Lay the clams on a paper towel to dry after cleaning, and into the refrigerator this plate goes till dinner time

The frozen pack of Japanese Gyoza

The cooking process (about 10 mins): boil off the water and let gyoza brown on the pan

The cooked gyoza

Our delicious dinner with slices SUNKIST orange as dessert

We usually have this dinner on Tuesday after Brandon's OT session. It is easy to prepared and delicious to enjoy. My hubby loves the artic clams.


Egghead said...

the food looks so beautiful on plate!

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: thanks!