Apr 28, 2006

Baby is almost 8 weeks old

WOW! My baby is almost 8 weeks old. He will be having his 2nd month doctor's appointment coming Monday at 10am. Baby Brandon will be given FOUR shots on his big chubby thigh, two shots on each thigh. Will update on his blog after the visit.

Time really goes by so fast. Each day my baby grows up faster and faster. I can't wait to find out how much he weighs now since he is a bit on the heavier side. My back is aching from carrying him too much. I was jokingly telling my baby's occupational therapist, I probably need physical therapy while my baby is having his OT exercise.

My baby can go ah-goo-goo and is so fun to see him do that. It feels like he is really talking to you. We've been busy capturing his goo-goo ga-ga on short movie clips. It is difficult to find the right moment. Sometimes, when we turn on the camera, he stops ... then we turn off, he goes goo-goo ga-ga. There is a specific word that I heard him say and is so funny. It was 'bra-boo'. I heard him said it couple of times.

Here are three pictures of him.

Mar 3rd 2006

Mar 28th 2006

Apr 26th 2006


mom2ashley said...

happy 8 weeks old..they grow real fast dont they???

wHOisBaBy said...

mom2ashley: too fast for me to catch up! =)

Featherball said...

Hello, congrats on reaching your baby's 8-wks. I've been reading your blog since I found Dr. Henry Wu as my OB. I gave birth to a baby girl 3 weeks ago at Little Company of Mary too, your blogs gave me some much needed moral support as a new mother. Thanks. All the best for good health for both mother and baby...bye...

wHOisBaBy said...

featherball: congrats on your new arrival and thanks for visiting my blogs. i am glad that my blogs are useful to help someone like yourself.

saw the pictures of your little one ... she is sooo cute. my son had the same outfit as your daughter for his first pictures. if you have a blog, please let me know and I will link it to mine. Take care and rest more.

Zara's Mama said...

Aaah.. can see he has already gain some weight and a little more chubbier than when he was born.

Anonymous said...

Hey there -

This is Stephanie (Ulto) here. Just found your blog and thought I would say hi. Congrats on the new baby!! Wow!

wHOisBaBy said...

zara's mama: yup, he was almost twice his birth weight during his 2 months appt. Face getting chubbier.

stephanie: thank you. how are you and mike? i can't believe it you found my blog, how did you do that? do drop by my blog when you have time. take care!