Feb 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here again is Valentine's Day, February 14th. Well, we didn't exchange gifts or anything material. We only exchanged emails (well since he is at work). Though surprise is nice but I am not looking forward for anything as I've told DH not to give me any gift. I like flowers but they don't last too long and they are extremely over priced for this occassion, to my opinion. I am not a huge chocolate fan, so he can forget about that too. How about jewelry? Neh, I don't wear any of those blink-blink most of the time, not even our wedding ring. I love cakes, but I can't have it now since I have to watch my diet and not to over indulged in this sinful item at this moment. Have to watch my weigh gain and limit to possibly 1 pound a week.

I guess material items are not important to us. We just want to enjoy and be with each other like every other day - which makes everyday a Valentine's Day.

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