Jan 7, 2006

Thai Thani Restaurant

DH and I went out for lunch today. We decided to go for Thai food just because I was craving a little sour spicy food - tom yum. When we arrived at Thai Thani, there were only two groups of people in the restaurant. We were very early. It was close to 1130am when we were seated. We looked through the menu and went on to order the Tom Yum Kai (chicken tom yum soup), Pad See Eew (flat rice noodle with choice of meat - we picked pork) and an appertizer Bangkok Grilled Beef with their special sauce.

The soup came first, then the noodles and lastly the grilled beef. We finished almost all the soup which was very satisfying and also the beef. However, we had some leftover for the Pad See Eew (which I ate for dinner later today).

The Tom Yum Kai came in a steel pot with a tea candle underneath to keep it warm. There could be 6 - 8oz bowl of soup, but we only finished 5. I had two while DH had 3. The main ingredients includes chicken and plenty of straw mushrooms. I ate most of the chicken because I needed the protein.

Bangkok Grilled Beef

There were only 3 pieces of beef for the Bangkok Beef ($6.95), approximately 4"x3" and 1/4" thick. The special sauce was made off tomato and vinegar which was nice and sweet. It came with some salad and we used the special sauce as dressing for the salad which was good.

Pad See Eew

The noodles is just like 'chow fun' or 'hor fun' but in Thai style. It is sweet and salty - they used brown sugar to compliment the taste. I personally love all type of flat rice noodles and this is onto of my favorite Thai dish in LA.

Over all, the food was good, the ambiance is nice and service is fast. I forgot to take some pictures of the restaurant. I was hungry and mainly concentrated on the food. I didn't even take the picture of the soup. It was half finished when I thought about taking pictures. Our total meal cost us $25.04 + $4 tips.

This restaurant was once voted for the best Thai restaurant in South Bay area in the Daily Breeze (local newspaper). It is one of our choice of Thai restaurant in this area. The price is reasonable and service is friendly. Oh yes, they have delicious cooling Thai Ice Tea (which we didn't order today). Their lunch specials are available only on Mon to Fri (except holiday) from 11am to 3pm. Lunch special ($5.95-$6.95) comes with steamed rice or fried rice and a choice of salad or soup with the main dish.

Thai Thani Restaurant
1109 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-4903
(310) 316-1580


shoppingmum said...

I like Thai food too. Took tomyam everyday when I was in Bangkok!

wHOisBaBy said...

Bangkok Thai food is a lot better than elsewhere. I also love their kuih-muih (dessert). I was in Bangkok 2 years ago and boy, we ate like non-stop. Every meal also got tomyum and the papaya salad. heehe

Zara's Mama said...

food looks good.. but looks a bit Westernised?

wHOisBaBy said...

Zara's mama: Yea, the food is pretty much westernized. But this is the closest one to original Thai food. Price is reasonable too.

eiko-chan aka ageha said...

Yummy, i still remember when we went Bangkok X9!!!~ FOOD *v*!!!~

Sweet, sour and spicy, just what i love best X9!!!~